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The Saxony-Anhalt Museum Association

Blankenburg: Burg und Festung Regenstein Blankenburg
Regenstein Castle

The ruins of Regenstein, a medieval castle, lie high atop an impressive rock spur located approximately 3 kilometers north of Blankenburg. The structure is considered particularly noteworthy architecturally, for the 32 s ... more

Außenansicht Herbergsmuseum Foto: Jens Müller Blankenburg
Museum of Lodging

Since the 19th century here there was a lodging(inn) for travelling journeymen from all trades. The museum mirrors the typical atmosphere of the inn and informs the visitors about the travels, "the Walz". Even still toda ... more

Blick in den Kreuzhof Blankenburg
Cloister Michaelstein

Today the former Cistercian Cloister is a music institute for performing practice and it is the seat of the Music Academy of Saxony- Anhalt. In the exhibition of musical instruments there are valuable exhibits of the 18t ... more