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The Saxony-Anhalt Museum Association

Maria Magdalens, Ausschnitt eines Altarretabels, Lukas Cranach d.Ä., um 1517-18 Naumburg
Naumburg Cathedral Treasure Vault

As of 29 June 2006, in close proximity to the Naumburg Cathedral, more than 30 selected Medieval and Renaissance treasures are being publicly presented for the first time in decades. Altars, panels, sacral sculptures, do ... more

Nietzsche Haus Naumburg
Nietzsche-House Naumburg

Nietzsche’s house in Naumburg is part of the so-called "Nietzsche-Straße" which connects the most important German stations of his course of life. From his place of birth Röcken near Lützen it leads ... more

Stadtmuseum Hohe Lilie Naumburg
Municipal Museum

This permanent exhibition in the building "Hohe Lilie" concentrates on the history of Naumburg’s middle class in its different facettes. The largest exhibit is the 750-year-old building itself. Interactive computer ... more