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The Saxony-Anhalt Museum Association

Archäologie, Ur- und Frühgeschichte

Oberburg Giebichenstein Halle
Castle Giebichenstein

Giebichenstein is one of the oldest settled areas in the Halle district. It became part of the Frankish Empire in the early 9th century. The salt production in the nearby Wittekind Valley, the strategic location atop of ... more

Kreismuseum Jerichower Land Genthin
District Local History Museum

The museum concentrates on the region of the Jerichower Land, a countryside rich in traditions situated between the rivers Elbe and Havel on the one hand and the area of the Fleming on the other hand. It is described the ... more

Das Danneil-Museum im ehemaligen Herrenhaus der Familie von der Schulenburg in der Propstei Salzwedel
Johann-Friedrich-Danneil Museum

A Renaissance building from the Probstei region (Schleswig-Holstein) houses collections featuring items from the early and prehistory, sacral art, coins, seals, weaponry and certificates from the guild trades.
Exce ... more

Webhaus und Brunnenrekonstruktion auf dem Werkstattgelände Zethlingen
Langobards Workshop of Zethlingen

In the Langobard´s Workshop of Zethlingen parts of the everyday life of the Teutons, who had settled down in the Old Marches from the 2nd century up to the 4th century, have been reconstructed carefully and are exhibite ... more

Außenansicht Pretzsch
Local History Museum Pretzsch

The local history museum has been housed in a half-timbered house since 1993. The numerous objects exhibited offer a general overview of the local and town history, folklore, and historic arts and crafts. Furthermore, th ... more

Schlossturm und Reste der mittelalterlichen Burg Zörbig
Local History Museum Zörbig

The Local History Museum of Zörbig spans across 12 rooms of the castle. The exhibition presents the development of the town from pre and early historic times up until the 20th century. The permanent display is supplement ... more

Kulturhistorisches Museum Magdeburg Magdeburg
Magdeburg Cultural History Museum

When the museum first opened in 1906 [as the Kaiser Friedrich Museum], the founding director Theodor Volbehr (1862-1931) stated, "The Kaiser Friedrich Museum intends to be a house that eases the comprehension of the cult ... more

Außenansicht des Robertinum am Universitätsplatz, in dem sich das Archäologische Museum befindet Halle
Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
Archaeological Museum

The archaeological teaching collection of the University of Halle has had the character of a public museum since it was founded in 1845. Today, it is housed in a building constructed in 1891 specifically for the collecti ... more

das Stadt- und Bergbaumuseum mit historischer Galerie Staßfurt
Municipal- and Mining museum Staßfurt

In 1983 a permanent exhibition of the history of the town of Staßfurt and of the common salt production until 1850 was opened. (Later a strong potassium industry developed. In Staßfurt there was the first sha ... more

Altstadtkern Landsberg Westansicht Landsberg

The museum is closed.

The Bernhard Brühl Museum, located on a former windmill's hill, looks back upon nearly 100 years of history. The current museum was preceded by the local history museum of G&u ... more

Ausstellung zur Stadtgeschichte Aschersleben
Museum Aschersleben

The permanent exhibition of the Museum Aschersleben features a comprehensive presentation on the history of the city and the settlement of the region, spanning from the Palaeolithic times to the first documented evidence ... more

Außenansicht Museumshof Haldensleben
Museum Haldensleben

Museum Haldensleben
Since its inception in 1910, the Museum Haldensleben has been housed in a neoclassical school building from 1866 located in the historic centre of Haldensleben.
The exhibition begin ... more

Burgfrühling Egeln
Museum in the Wasserburg Egeln

Since 1993, the museum has been located in the gatehouse and main tower of the 12th-century castle. The largest section of the scholarly collection deals with the settlement history of the Egelner Mulde region. It is the ... more

Tabakspfeife mit dem Bildnis J.G.Seumes Lützen
Museum Lützen

In the center of Lützen, in the middle of a small park, the 43-meter-high tower of Schloss Lützen juts high into the sky. The earliest found documents reveal that construction of the palace was begun by the bis ... more

Das Merseburger Schloss (1605-08) vom Schlossgarten aus, Obelisken Ende 17. Jh. Merseburg
Museum of History of Civilisation Merseburg

The bishop's castle that later became a duke's residence is situated above the Saale river directly next to the cathedral on the grounds of the Ottonian Königspfalz, or king's palace. The valuable exhibits on displa ... more

Schloss Bernburg Bernburg
Museum Palace Bernburg

The museum ist closed to 2021.

The permanent exhibition covers the pre- and early history of the Saale region, the cultural and technological history of the mills and millers of the Lower Saale Valley, ... more

Das Besucherzentrum Arche Nebra ist äußerlich der goldenen Sonnenbarke am unteren Rand der Himmelsscheibe von Nebra nachempfunden. Nebra
Nebra Ark Visitor Center

In 1999, two "treasure hunters" discovered the Nebra Sky Disc on the Mittelberg, a hill located close to Wangen (now a part of Nebra). Wrought over 3,600 years ago, it is the oldest concrete representation of the cosmos ... more

Dauerausstellung Köthen
Prehistorically Collection Köthen

Reopened in 2003, the redesigned permanent exhibition presents an overview of the settlement history of the Köthen region, from the oldest bifacial hand-axe (250,000 years old) from Werdershausen and across all the ... more

Museumsgebäude Halle
Regional Museum of Prehistory

Its general renovations now completed, Germany's oldest museum structure for prehistoric archaeology has now reopened with its new permanent exhibition. The thematic spheres include the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Ages ( ... more