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The Saxony-Anhalt Museum Association


Kreismuseum Bitterfeld Bitterfeld
District Museum Bitterfeld

In 1892, the church paymaster Emil Obst founded the Städtische Sammlung für Heimatkunde und Geschichte des Kreises Bitterfeld ["Municipal Collection of Local and National History of the Bitterfeld District"]. B ... more

Fossile Zähne des Tapirverwandten der Gattung Lophiodon Halle

The Geiseltal Museum is located in the center of Halle in a residential structure from the early Renaissance originally built for the Archbishop of Mainz and Magdeburg.

As a result of the extensive lignite min ... more

Fachwerk Wernigerode
Harz Museum Wernigerode

The building of the Harz-Museum, erected as a residential building in 1821, stayed private property till 1918. Then it put up municipal authorities, e.g. the police and construction management.
The museum has been ... more

Hauptgebäude Zentralmagazin Naturwissenschaftliche Sammlungen Foto: F. Steinheimer Halle
Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
projekt university museum of natural

More than five million objects are housed in the natural sciences storerooms of the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. They are part of one of the ten largest, oldest and most important of such collections in Ger ... more

Grapengefäß, 16. Jahrhundert Lutherstadt Wittenberg
Municipal collections Wittenberg

... more

Ansicht des Museumsgebäudes: ehemaliger Stall für Rinder- u. Pferdehaltung Halle
Museum for domestic animal customer

The museum is located not far from the city center in a closed courtyard on the original site of the Agricultural Institute of the University of Halle. The exhibition rooms are in a former stable. The display focuses on ... more

Saurier Halberstadt
Museum Heineanum

Collected by Ferdinand Heine Snr. (1809-1894) and recognised as the biggest private collection of birds in the middle of the 19th century, it is the basis of this special "Naturkundemuseum" (museum of natural science).more

Mammut Dessau-Roßlau
Museum of Natural History and Prehistory

The museum can be found in the former Leopold-Dank-Stift (a religious institution) built in 1750. The impressive tower (40m high) was created on the model of the hospital St. Spiritio near Rome. While climbing the six fl ... more

Naumann-Museum Köthen

In the palace in 1835 J.F. Naumann (1780-1857), founder of the scientific ornithology, prepared a collection of birds which he started. This collection consisting of 113 show-cases has hardly been changed and has been in ... more

Spengler-Haus Sangerhausen

The Spengler House was the residence of the master carpenter and local historian Gustav Adolf Spengler (1869 – 1961) and his family. The house is the location of his carpenter's workshop and his legendary museum. As a re ... more

Steppenelefant Sangerhausen

Spengler-Museum shows in several parts of the exhibition something about the geology and natural history of the area Goldene Aue situated between Südharz and Kyffhäuser with its flora and fauna, fossils from the Ice Aga ... more

Blick in den historischen Säugersaal: systematisches Schau- und Lehrmagazin aus dem 19. Jahrhundert Halle
Zoological Collection

Founded in 1775 by J. F. G. Goldhagen as a cabinet of natural history, the zoological collection has been continually expanded over the past 200 years by purchases, donations, international exchanges and collecting exped ... more