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The Saxony-Anhalt Museum Association


Luftbildaufnahme Burg (Foto: Jens Schmidt) Ummendorf
Börde Museum Castle Ummendorf

The museum of the district Bördekreis is located in a former castle complex. The castle tower, whose lower parts with arched floors, remarkable fire places and a stairway from the Romanesque period come, belong to t ... more

Castle and Local History Museum

The castle and local history museum Oebisfelde offer a broad topic spectrum. To see among other things a household exhibition, a school exhibition, is a forging exhibition, a small exhibition about framework construction ... more

Burg und Schloss Allstedt Allstedt
Castle and Palais Allstedt

The preserved castle and palace complex offers a clear and tangible presentation of the site's construction and usage history spanning from the 13th to 19th century. The unique and imposing castle kitchen of the Late Med ... more

Oberburg Giebichenstein Halle
Castle Giebichenstein

Giebichenstein is one of the oldest settled areas in the Halle district. It became part of the Frankish Empire in the early 9th century. The salt production in the nearby Wittekind Valley, the strategic location atop of ... more

Luftbild Schloss Köthen Köthen
Historical Museum and Bach Memorial Castle Köthen

The History Museum and the Bach Memorial are located in the Ludwigsbau ("Ludwig Building") of the Köthen Castle. The heart of the exhibitions is the Bach Memorial, which pays tribute to Johann Sebastian Bach's activ ... more

Schlossturm und Reste der mittelalterlichen Burg Zörbig
Local History Museum Zörbig

The Local History Museum of Zörbig spans across 12 rooms of the castle. The exhibition presents the development of the town from pre and early historic times up until the 20th century. The permanent display is supplement ... more

Burg Falkenstein Falkenstein
Museum Castle Falkenstein

Founded in the 12th century, the Falkenstein is one of the most beautiful and best preserved castles of the Harz Mountains. Up until the dynasty died out, the counts of Falkenstein were among the most important families ... more

FilmBurg Querfurt Querfurt
Museum Castle Querfurt

The silhouette of the mightily towered Querfurt Castle rises at the southwest edge of the city of Querfurt. With a surface area of approx. 3 hectares, the structure is one of the largest castles in Germany; it is approx. ... more

Burgfrühling Egeln
Museum in the Wasserburg Egeln

Since 1993, the museum has been located in the gatehouse and main tower of the 12th-century castle. The largest section of the scholarly collection deals with the settlement history of the Egelner Mulde region. It is the ... more

Tabakspfeife mit dem Bildnis J.G.Seumes Lützen
Museum Lützen

In the center of Lützen, in the middle of a small park, the 43-meter-high tower of Schloss Lützen juts high into the sky. The earliest found documents reveal that construction of the palace was begun by the bis ... more

Das Merseburger Schloss (1605-08) vom Schlossgarten aus, Obelisken Ende 17. Jh. Merseburg
Museum of History of Civilisation Merseburg

The bishop's castle that later became a duke's residence is situated above the Saale river directly next to the cathedral on the grounds of the Ottonian Königspfalz, or king's palace. The valuable exhibits on displa ... more

Schloss Bernburg Bernburg
Museum Palace Bernburg

The museum ist closed to 2021.

The permanent exhibition covers the pre- and early history of the Saale region, the cultural and technological history of the mills and millers of the Lower Saale Valley, ... more

Museum Palace Lichtenburg

Castle Lichtenburg, with its castle church and other estate buildings, is one of the largest castle complexes of Central Germany as well as a major architectural monument of the Renaissance. The museum contains exhibitio ... more

Druckkunst Zeitz
Museum Palace Moritzburg Zeitz

The former living quarters of the Dukes of Sachsen-Zeitz serve as exhibition rooms for furniture from the renaissance, baroque, classicism and the Biedermeier period; paintings of important masters are shown as well (e.g ... more

Schloss Weißenfels
Museum Palace Neu-Augustusburg

The museum at Weißenfels was established in the year 1910 by the "Verein für Natur- und Altertumskunde" (Association for Nature and the Science of History) and is located in the palace "Schloß Neu-August ... more

Schloss Neuenburg Freyburg (Unstrut)
Museum Palace Neuenburg

Amidst the old cultural landscape along the river Unstrut, the mighty castle complex of the Neuenburg Castle soars above the small wine town of Freyburg.
The Thuringian Count Ludwig der Springer founded the castle ... more

Freilichtmuseum Tilleda
Open-Air Museum

The archaeological monument is located below the Kyffhäuser and encircles big grounds of about 6 hectares (600 ares) on which there was once an important palatinate of German Kings and Emperors. Today visitors basically ... more

restaurierter Westflügel von Westen Harzgerode
Palace Harzgerode

In the mid-16th century, Prince George III had the Harzgerode Castle built completely anew as a fortified castle of the early modern period. Today, it is a one-of-a-kind monument to the castle-building style of Anhalt an ... more

Schloss Leitzkau Leitzkau
Palace Leitzkau

Bishop Wigger of Brandenburg established a Premonstratensian chapter here during the first half of the 12th century. The construction of an imposing seminary complex was begun in the 1140s, the church of which was consec ... more

Schloss Luisium Dessau-Roßlau
Palace Luisium

The "Wörlitz Palace" which was built between 1774 and 1778 is an outstanding testimony to the early classical architecture in Germany and one of the most beautiful creations of the master builder Friedrich Wilhelm von Er ... more

Schloss Mosigkau Dessau-Roßlau
Palace Mosigkau

Built between 1752-1757 as the summer residence of Princess Anna-Wilhelmine von Anhalt-Dessau - an aunt of Prince Franz - Mosigkau Castle belongs to the few Rococo buildings in Middle Germany which are in good condition. ... more

Schloßgeschichte im Schloß Annaburg (Foto: Wolfgang Donath) Annaburg
Palace museum

The exhibition in the palace gives a survey of the building’s history of construction and its use as a hunting lounge and a later boarder’s institute. It is informed about the work of important characters lik ... more

Anna Amalia Quedlinburg
Palacemuseum Quedlinburg

The museum housed in Renaissance palace from the 16th and 17th century helps the visitor to get an overview of prehistory and early history and Early Medieval settlement of this region. It is shown the development of the ... more

Schloß Wernigerode® Wernigerode
Palace Wernigerode. Center for Art and Cultural History of the 19th Century

The first castle of Wernigerode was built around 1110 above the town on the slope of the Agnesberg mountain. It was the castle residence of the noble ministerial family of the shortly thereafter designated Count of Werni ... more

Schloss Wörlitz Wörlitz
Palace Wörlitz

The Wörlitz Palace as the earliest classical building in Germany was built between 1769 ans 1773. It was designed by Friedrich Wilhelm von Erdmannsdorff. Prince Leopold III. Friedrich Franz von Anhalt-Dessau as a summer ... more

Dauerausstellung Köthen
Prehistorically Collection Köthen

Reopened in 2003, the redesigned permanent exhibition presents an overview of the settlement history of the Köthen region, from the oldest bifacial hand-axe (250,000 years old) from Werdershausen and across all the ... more

Blankenburg: Burg und Festung Regenstein Blankenburg
Regenstein Castle

The ruins of Regenstein, a medieval castle, lie high atop an impressive rock spur located approximately 3 kilometers north of Blankenburg. The structure is considered particularly noteworthy architecturally, for the 32 s ... more