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Stadt- und Regionalgeschichte

Altmärkisches Museum Stendal: Neogotischer Nordflügel mit Hl. Katharina im Giebel Stendal
Altmark Museum

This museum shows possesses exhibits about the history and history of civilisation of the town of Stendal and the Altmark region, which range from early and prehistory to the present day. The museum contain such items a ... more

Teil der Ausstellung zum Militär-Knaben- Erziehungsinstitut (Foto: Wolfgang Donath) Annaburg
Amtshaus museum

The history of this place you can experience next to the palace in the so-called Amtshaus. It is remarkable that paintings on the ceiling have been found in the north and main wing of this building in the recent years. O ... more

Skelett einer Doppelbildung aus der Meckelschen Sammlung Halle
Anatomical collections

The anatomical collections of Halle University belong to the most extensive ones of its kind in Europe. They have invaluable preparations. The anatomist from Halle Philipp Friedrich Theodor Meckel (1755-1803) extended hi ... more

Malschule Annaburg
Annaburger Porzellaneum

The former factory outlet of the Annaburger Porzellan GmbH porcelain works now houses an exhibition on the production of earthenware, sintolan dishware, and porcelain. Charts and photographs document the history behind t ... more

Castle and Local History Museum

The castle and local history museum Oebisfelde offer a broad topic spectrum. To see among other things a household exhibition, a school exhibition, is a forging exhibition, a small exhibition about framework construction ... more

Haus Schlossfreiheit Nr. 5 Tangermünde
Castle Museum Tangermünde

The building in the street Schlossfreiheit 5 is the oldest preserves residential building in the town Tangermünde. It was built by the brothers Peter and Georg Krull about 1543. Their portraits have been preserved in loc ... more

Foyer Stadtmuseum Halle; Bildrechte: Stadt Halle (Saale)/T. Ziegler Halle
city museum

The headquarters of the Halle City Museum, located at Großen Märkerstraße 10, consists of a heritage-rich collection of structures spanning from a Renaissance townhouse to a former printing building. Chr ... more

Kreismuseum Jerichower Land Genthin
District Local History Museum

The museum concentrates on the region of the Jerichower Land, a countryside rich in traditions situated between the rivers Elbe and Havel on the one hand and the area of the Fleming on the other hand. It is described the ... more

Kreismuseum Bitterfeld Bitterfeld
District Museum Bitterfeld

In 1892, the church paymaster Emil Obst founded the Städtische Sammlung für Heimatkunde und Geschichte des Kreises Bitterfeld ["Municipal Collection of Local and National History of the Bitterfeld District"]. B ... more

District Museum Osterburg

District museum presents its extensive collection in a typical half-timbered house of Osterburg’s trader Carl Chritoph Bode from the 2nd half o the 18th century. There is shown a comprehensive with themes to rural ... more

Doppelkapelle und Felsenbad von Südost Landsberg
Double Chapel

The late Romanesque double chapel, with its upper and lower chapel, is a gem of sacral architecture. The sophisticated ornamentation of the capitals dovetails into the stunning spatial composition. "St. Crucis" is the la ... more

Händel-Haus (Foto: Thomas Ziegler) Halle
Handel House

The Music Museum of the city of Halle (Saale) was established in the birth house of Georg Friedrich Handel in 1948. The collection and priorities of the museum focus on the life and work of Georg Friedrich Handel, the mu ... more

Fachwerk Wernigerode
Harz Museum Wernigerode

The building of the Harz-Museum, erected as a residential building in 1821, stayed private property till 1918. Then it put up municipal authorities, e.g. the police and construction management.
The museum has been ... more

Luftbild Schloss Köthen Köthen
Historical Museum and Bach Memorial Castle Köthen

The History Museum and the Bach Memorial are located in the Ludwigsbau ("Ludwig Building") of the Köthen Castle. The heart of the exhibitions is the Bach Memorial, which pays tribute to Johann Sebastian Bach's activ ... more

Alltag in der DDR Lutherstadt Wittenberg
House of History

The exhibition "Daily life in the GDR" - Being a guest in GDR-rooms from the 1940s to the 1980s - shows private accommodation of the GDR in detail. Everyday necessities the visitor can find in a GDR-Konsum (a special sho ... more

Außenansicht Hüttenmuseum Thale Thale
Iron and Steel Industry Museum Thale

Models and historical objects communicate to visitors the history of a large company that, at the end (in 1989), consisted of five productions areas: steel working, rolling mills, stamping and enamelling, container const ... more

Das Danneil-Museum im ehemaligen Herrenhaus der Familie von der Schulenburg in der Propstei Salzwedel
Johann-Friedrich-Danneil Museum

A Renaissance building from the Probstei region (Schleswig-Holstein) houses collections featuring items from the early and prehistory, sacral art, coins, seals, weaponry and certificates from the guild trades.
Exce ... more

Kunsthof Bad Salzelmen mit Soleturm, Gradierwerk und Schausiedehaus (Foto: Matthias Röhricht) Schönebeck
Kunsthof Bad Salzelmen

As part of a guided tour at the Kunsthof Bad Salzelmen ("Bad Salzelmen Courtyard of Art"), the heights of the saline graduation works and the brine tower can be scaled, the descent to the hidden Victoria Springs can be u ... more

Schiffer in Arbeitskleidung Aken
Local History Museum Aken

The recently reorganized and illustrative exhibition informs the visitors about the history of the harbour of Aken and the shipping on the Elb which is in the centre of interest. Shown are the life and traditions of the ... more

PIETA-74 Valentin Starchev Bul Arendsee
Local History Museum Arendsee

The museum is located in the former hospital of a nunnery and informs about the history of the town as well as about the significance of Arendsee as a conservation area. Animal specimens give insights about the fauna of ... more

Silberpokal Kroppenstedt
Local History Museum Kroppenstedt

The museum offers bourgeois style of home furnishings from around 1900 as well as a simulated classroom at the time of the Kaiser.
Significant exhibits explaining the history of Gröningen and Kroppenstedt: medieval ... more

Hochzeitsteller um 1480 (Foto: Birgit Mundt) Osterwieck
Local History Museum Osterwieck

The museum in the old Rathaus (city hall) from 1554 features finds from prehistoric times, documents about the history of the town (e.g. magnificent wedding platter from approximately 1480, door locks and door knockers a ... more

Außenansicht Pretzsch
Local History Museum Pretzsch

The local history museum has been housed in a half-timbered house since 1993. The numerous objects exhibited offer a general overview of the local and town history, folklore, and historic arts and crafts. Furthermore, th ... more

Schlossturm und Reste der mittelalterlichen Burg Zörbig
Local History Museum Zörbig

The Local History Museum of Zörbig spans across 12 rooms of the castle. The exhibition presents the development of the town from pre and early historic times up until the 20th century. The permanent display is supplement ... more

Amtshaus, darin befindet sich das Museum Seyda
Local room Seyda

The local room of Seyda presents a collection to the way of life, living and working conditions at the south edge of the Fläming region.
The exhibition concentrates on education in Seyda, trade and handicraft ... more

Kulturhistorisches Museum Magdeburg Magdeburg
Magdeburg Cultural History Museum

When the museum first opened in 1906 [as the Kaiser Friedrich Museum], the founding director Theodor Volbehr (1862-1931) stated, "The Kaiser Friedrich Museum intends to be a house that eases the comprehension of the cult ... more

Hafthäuser der Justizvollzugsanstalt Halle

Known as the "Roter Ochse" ("Red Ox"), this still-operational prison complex was opened as a "Royal Prussian penal, learning and reform complex" in 1842. The memorial is located in a section of the prison that is over 10 ... more

Gedenkstätte Moritzplatz Magdeburg Magdeburg
Memorial Moritzplatz Magdeburg

The Moritzplaz Magdeburg Memorial is located in the former Magdeburg-Neustadt pre-trail detention center. The memorial commemorates all those who were held prisoner here due to political reasons during the Soviet occupat ... more

Kapitelhaus Merseburg
Merseburg Chapter House

The Chapter House ranks amongst the oldest and most important structures of the Merseburg Cathedral and Castle Ensemble. During the first third of the 20th century, it was still the centre of the entire representative, a ... more

Zufahrt zur Glasebach Straßberg
Mining Museum

The Grube Glasebach ("Glasebach pit") documents three centuries of mining in the Harz during which galena, chalcopyrite, iron ore and fluorspar were primarily mined. Visitors are led below ground and through two original ... more

das Stadt- und Bergbaumuseum mit historischer Galerie Staßfurt
Municipal- and Mining museum Staßfurt

In 1983 a permanent exhibition of the history of the town of Staßfurt and of the common salt production until 1850 was opened. (Later a strong potassium industry developed. In Staßfurt there was the first sha ... more

Stadtmuseum Hohe Lilie Naumburg
Municipal Museum

This permanent exhibition in the building "Hohe Lilie" concentrates on the history of Naumburg’s middle class in its different facettes. The largest exhibit is the 750-year-old building itself. Interactive computer ... more

Romanisches Haus Bad Kösen Bad Kösen
Municipal Museum Bad Kösen

The Roman House (from approximately 1100) houses a permanent exhibition about the former Cistercian monastery gate, log driving on the Saale River, and Germany's northernmost viticulture on the rivers Saale and Unstrut. ... more

Städtisches Museum Halberstadt
Municipal Museum Halberstadt

Since 1905 the Municipal Museum can be found in “Spiegelsche Kurie” at the so-called Domplatz. Today this museum deals with the town’s history and the history of the first bishopric of Central Germany, ... more

Municipal Museum Oschersleben

Photographs and historical papers spanning from the past to the present are used to document the city history in the attractive and descriptive permanent exhibition "From Oschersleben to Oschersleben (Bode) - Impressions ... more

Historisches Rathaus Tangermünde
Municipal Museum Tangermünde

Tangermünde’s town hall is one of the most beautiful buildings of the northern German brick Gothic. A restoration from the middle of the 19th century influences the present view.
The museum was established in 1929. ... more

Altstadtkern Landsberg Westansicht Landsberg

The museum is closed.

The Bernhard Brühl Museum, located on a former windmill's hill, looks back upon nearly 100 years of history. The current museum was preceded by the local history museum of G&u ... more

Ausstellung zur Stadtgeschichte Aschersleben
Museum Aschersleben

The permanent exhibition of the Museum Aschersleben features a comprehensive presentation on the history of the city and the settlement of the region, spanning from the Palaeolithic times to the first documented evidence ... more

Grenzturm Böckwitz
museum Böckwitz

Since 1996, visitors of the Museum Böckwitz have been presented with a lively, generation-spanning exhibition dealing with agriculture and the former East/West German border.
Spread across a terrain of one he ... more

Blick in die Ausstellung Fischerei Coswig
Museum Coswig

... more

Außenansicht Museumshof Haldensleben
Museum Haldensleben

Museum Haldensleben
Since its inception in 1910, the Museum Haldensleben has been housed in a neoclassical school building from 1866 located in the historic centre of Haldensleben.
The exhibition begin ... more

Tabakspfeife mit dem Bildnis J.G.Seumes Lützen
Museum Lützen

In the center of Lützen, in the middle of a small park, the 43-meter-high tower of Schloss Lützen juts high into the sky. The earliest found documents reveal that construction of the palace was begun by the bis ... more

Klosteranlage Hadmersleben
Museum of History of Civilisation Cloister Hadmersleben

The visitor of the almost preserved cloister finds interesting traditions of the constructional interior design of the inner rooms from the following centuries, e.g. Renaissance and Baroque stucco ceilings. There is a ro ... more

Das Merseburger Schloss (1605-08) vom Schlossgarten aus, Obelisken Ende 17. Jh. Merseburg
Museum of History of Civilisation Merseburg

The bishop's castle that later became a duke's residence is situated above the Saale river directly next to the cathedral on the grounds of the Ottonian Königspfalz, or king's palace. The valuable exhibits on displa ... more

Museum für Stadtgeschichte Dessau Dessau-Roßlau
Museum of Town History Dessau

On three floors of the new exhibition it is illustrated the development of "Dessowe" from a traders’ and craftsman’s settlement to a seat of the court of the Princes and later Dukes of Anhalt-Dessau up to the ... more

Schloss Bernburg Bernburg
Museum Palace Bernburg

The museum ist closed to 2021.

The permanent exhibition covers the pre- and early history of the Saale region, the cultural and technological history of the mills and millers of the Lower Saale Valley, ... more

Museum Palace Lichtenburg

Castle Lichtenburg, with its castle church and other estate buildings, is one of the largest castle complexes of Central Germany as well as a major architectural monument of the Renaissance. The museum contains exhibitio ... more

Schloss Weißenfels
Museum Palace Neu-Augustusburg

The museum at Weißenfels was established in the year 1910 by the "Verein für Natur- und Altertumskunde" (Association for Nature and the Science of History) and is located in the palace "Schloß Neu-August ... more

Hauptgebäude, Hof und Museum Petersberg
Museum Petersberg

The Museum Petersberg is housed in a four-sided farmyard from 1752 located in the Petersberg recreational area approx. 15 kilometres north of Halle. The main and auxiliary buildings formerly served as a Royal Prussian fo ... more

Museum Teuchern

... more

Stadtmuseum Wilhelm von Kügelgen Ballenstedt
Museum Wilheim von Kügelgen

The museum is in a simple Baroque palais at the Schlossplatz and is part of a historical complex of buildings like palace, theatre and the palace garden. The visitor is introduced vividly to the history of the town Balle ... more

Außenansicht Museum Wolmirstedt Wolmirstedt
Museum Wolmirstedt

Founded in 1927, the regional museum is located in a partially reconstructed stone-wall barn from 1846. The Museum Wolmirstedt is sponsored by the district of Börde. After extensive reconstruction and modernisation ... more

Butterjungfer Zerbst
Museum Zerbst and collection Katharina II.

The museum is situated in the cloisters and rooms of a former monastery from the 13th century, which had been the national library of the region Anhalt since 1582.
It shows the historical development of the town ... more

Naumann-Museum Köthen

In the palace in 1835 J.F. Naumann (1780-1857), founder of the scientific ornithology, prepared a collection of birds which he started. This collection consisting of 113 show-cases has hardly been changed and has been in ... more

Maria Magdalens, Ausschnitt eines Altarretabels, Lukas Cranach d.Ä., um 1517-18 Naumburg
Naumburg Cathedral Treasure Vault

As of 29 June 2006, in close proximity to the Naumburg Cathedral, more than 30 selected Medieval and Renaissance treasures are being publicly presented for the first time in decades. Altars, panels, sacral sculptures, do ... more

Das Besucherzentrum Arche Nebra ist äußerlich der goldenen Sonnenbarke am unteren Rand der Himmelsscheibe von Nebra nachempfunden. Nebra
Nebra Ark Visitor Center

In 1999, two "treasure hunters" discovered the Nebra Sky Disc on the Mittelberg, a hill located close to Wangen (now a part of Nebra). Wrought over 3,600 years ago, it is the oldest concrete representation of the cosmos ... more

Alte Apotheke Gardelegen
old pharmacy

The museum is located a former pharmacy, the Alten Löwen-Apotheke, in a Renaissance building from 1685. The surviving historic pharmacy facilities are part of the museum, which also houses an exhibit honoring well-k ... more

Winkelstedter Garten Diesdorf
Outdoor Museum Diesdorf

The open-air museum Diesdorf founded 1911 is one of Germany’s oldest folkloristic museums. Located at the Straße der Romanik (a line of historical buildings in Saxony-Anhalt) it shows more than 20 dwelling- ... more

restaurierter Westflügel von Westen Harzgerode
Palace Harzgerode

In the mid-16th century, Prince George III had the Harzgerode Castle built completely anew as a fortified castle of the early modern period. Today, it is a one-of-a-kind monument to the castle-building style of Anhalt an ... more

Anna Amalia Quedlinburg
Palacemuseum Quedlinburg

The museum housed in Renaissance palace from the 16th and 17th century helps the visitor to get an overview of prehistory and early history and Early Medieval settlement of this region. It is shown the development of the ... more

Peace Race Museum

The main topic of the museum is the International Peace Race, from its founding in 1948 on up to today. Additional topics include the history of cycling in general, the Tour de France, and the regional history of cycling ... more

Dauerausstellung Köthen
Prehistorically Collection Köthen

Reopened in 2003, the redesigned permanent exhibition presents an overview of the settlement history of the Köthen region, from the oldest bifacial hand-axe (250,000 years old) from Werdershausen and across all the ... more

Prignitz-Museum am Dom Havelberg
Prignitz-Museum at the Dom Havelberg

Cathedral - town - region, these are three subjects of Prignitz-Museum Havelberg that has existed for more than 100 years. The permanent exhibitions in the upper floor of cathedral’s and cloister’s area devot ... more

FigurenSpielSammlung (Foto: Jesko Döring) Magdeburg
Puppetry Collection of Central Germany in Villa p. at the Magdeburg Puppet Theater

The FigurenSpielSammlung Mitteldeutschland [Puppetry Collection of Central Germany), which opened in 2012, is located in a renovated, landmark half-timbered house built in 1884 known as the Villa p. Located next to the M ... more

Aussenansicht Garnisionsmuseum Quedlinburg
Quedlinburg Garrison Museum

The purpose and aspiration of the museum is to account for, maintain and explore the garrison tradition of Quedlinburg, a listed World Heritage Site, and its surroundings. The display of the permanent exhibition presents ... more

Goldschmuck aus dem Helmsdorfer Fürastengrab, Aunjetitzer Kultur (ca 2.300 - 1.600 v. Chr.) Lutherstadt Eisleben
Regional History Collection

The foundation of the collection was laid by Carl Friedrich Ludwig Plümicke (1791-1866), the director of the first German mountain school in Eisleben from 1817-1862.
In addition to archive materials, coins and ... more

Salzlandmuseum Schönebeck Schönebeck

Salzspüren ["Traces of Salt"], the new permanent exhibition in the main exhibition complex, documents the history of the town of Schönebeck as well as the area's close relationship with the production of salt. The first ... more

Kindergruppe beim Halberstadt
Schraube Museum

Know, engaged and popular in her hometown Halberstadt, she was the last member of the manufacturer and trader family Schraube. Margarete, born 1903, studied geography, history and sport, worked as a teacher. She wasn ... more

3 Puten die einen Vorhang raffen Coswig
Simonetti House Coswig

The Simonetti House is an outwardly modest, two-storey timber-framed house with a high hipped roof that was built in 1699, complete with laboratory, as the noble estate of the royal governor and alchemist, Baron of Meder ... more

Spengler-Haus Sangerhausen

The Spengler House was the residence of the master carpenter and local historian Gustav Adolf Spengler (1869 – 1961) and his family. The house is the location of his carpenter's workshop and his legendary museum. As a re ... more

Steppenelefant Sangerhausen

Spengler-Museum shows in several parts of the exhibition something about the geology and natural history of the area Goldene Aue situated between Südharz and Kyffhäuser with its flora and fauna, fossils from the Ice Aga ... more

Geschenkschachbrett des Großen Kurfürsten von 1651 Ströbeck
Ströbeck Chess Museum

In the 11th century, a prisoner brought back from a military expedition was incarcerated by the Bishop of Halbstadt in the "Wahrturm", the defense tower of Ströbeck. The local farmers guarding the chess-playing duke ... more

Pilotenrakete Magdeburg

Magdeburg's Museum of Technology is located in a former factory built in 1871 by Hermann Gruson. The structure still contains a working bridge crane that moves at a curve. The focus of the exhibition is on plant faciliti ... more

MZ Staßfurt
Vehicle museum Staßfurt

In the vehicle museum Staßfurt is very interesting represented, with which vehicles one moved between cape Arkona and Fichtelgebirge from young to old.
The vehicle history of the tradition marks MIFA, DIAMON ... more

Wilhelm-Friedemann-Bach-Haus (Foto: Uwe Köhn) Halle
Wilhelm Friedemann Bach House

The Wilhelm Friedemann Bach House on Großer Klausstraße, the former residence of the eldest son of Johann Sebastian Bach, is one of the most important Renaissance houses in the city of Halle. The new part of ... more