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Industrie- und Technikgeschichte

Malschule Annaburg
Annaburger Porzellaneum

The former factory outlet of the Annaburger Porzellan GmbH porcelain works now houses an exhibition on the production of earthenware, sintolan dishware, and porcelain. Charts and photographs document the history behind t ... more

Luftbildaufnahme Burg (Foto: Jens Schmidt) Ummendorf
Börde Museum Castle Ummendorf

The museum of the district Bördekreis is located in a former castle complex. The castle tower, whose lower parts with arched floors, remarkable fire places and a stairway from the Romanesque period come, belong to t ... more

Luftbild Ferropolis Gräfenhainichen
Ferropolis – The City of Iron

FERROPOLIS, the "City of Iron", is a strikingly unusual event and excursion destination located on the grounds of the former Golpa-Nord strip-mining operations.
Five huge, preserved excavators and spreaders now com ... more

Chemie-Museum Merseburg Merseburg
German Chemical Museum Merseburg

The Deutsche Chemie-Museum Merseburg [German Chemistry Museum Merseburg] includes an open-air technology park featuring a selection of large exhibition pieces (machines, appliances and equipment) relating to the chemistr ... more

Kernbereich der Brikettfabrik (Pressen- und Trocknerhaus) Zeitz

The "Herrmannschacht" briquette factory in Zeitz is the oldest preserved first-generation briquette factory in the world. Due to the demolition of the numerous industrial complexes in Central Germany, the factory is cons ... more

Ansicht von denkmalgeschützten Hauptgebäuden des iMUSEt Schönebeck
Industrial Museum Schönebeck

The Industrial Museum Schönebeck – Theme Park of Technology and Innovation (iMUSEt), located near the Schönebeck railway station in the listed, historic industrial buildings of a former power station buil ... more

ORWO-Werbung Wolfen
Industry and Film Museum Wolfen

Taking photos is very simple – press and ready. But who knows how a film is developed, how many step sequences are necessary and what temperature and light conditions men and women have worked under in the second l ... more

Außenansicht Hüttenmuseum Thale Thale
Iron and Steel Industry Museum Thale

Models and historical objects communicate to visitors the history of a large company that, at the end (in 1989), consisted of five productions areas: steel working, rolling mills, stamping and enamelling, container const ... more

Eingangshalle Ilsenburg
Iron and Steelworkers Museum Ilsenburg

In the museum’s focus of interest is the art of iron-casting in Ilsenburg. In the entrance the visitor is welcomed by iron-casting stairs from the 19th century that lead to the exhibitions. Further examples of iron ... more

Kunsthof Bad Salzelmen mit Soleturm, Gradierwerk und Schausiedehaus (Foto: Matthias Röhricht) Schönebeck
Kunsthof Bad Salzelmen

As part of a guided tour at the Kunsthof Bad Salzelmen ("Bad Salzelmen Courtyard of Art"), the heights of the saline graduation works and the brine tower can be scaled, the descent to the hidden Victoria Springs can be u ... more

Local Room Dessau-Alten

The Local History Room gives an overview over the 300-year long history of the town of Dessau, from the fist beginnings of the village to the incorporation of the town and present day.
The establishment of the fact ... more

Zufahrt zur Glasebach Straßberg
Mining Museum

The Grube Glasebach ("Glasebach pit") documents three centuries of mining in the Harz during which galena, chalcopyrite, iron ore and fluorspar were primarily mined. Visitors are led below ground and through two original ... more

Fördergerüst Röhrigschacht Wettelrode
Mining Museum Röhrigschacht

Mining in the region of the "Mansfelder Land" has always been something special in Germany-Comparable deposits can only be found in Poland. The present "Bergbaumuseum Röhrigschacht" (Museum of Mining) in Wettelrode ... more

das Stadt- und Bergbaumuseum mit historischer Galerie Staßfurt
Municipal- and Mining museum Staßfurt

In 1983 a permanent exhibition of the history of the town of Staßfurt and of the common salt production until 1850 was opened. (Later a strong potassium industry developed. In Staßfurt there was the first sha ... more

Aussenansicht Technisches Halloren- und Salinemuseum Halle Halle
Museum of Salt Workers and Salt works

As a result of the renovation measures beginning in early 2020, the museum will be closed on 31.12.2019 and will probably be reopened in mid-2022.

The museum of workers employed in the salt works of Hal ... more

Druckkunst Zeitz
Museum Palace Moritzburg Zeitz

The former living quarters of the Dukes of Sachsen-Zeitz serve as exhibition rooms for furniture from the renaissance, baroque, classicism and the Biedermeier period; paintings of important masters are shown as well (e.g ... more

Schloss Neuenburg Freyburg (Unstrut)
Museum Palace Neuenburg

Amidst the old cultural landscape along the river Unstrut, the mighty castle complex of the Neuenburg Castle soars above the small wine town of Freyburg.
The Thuringian Count Ludwig der Springer founded the castle ... more

Museum Papiermühle Weddersleben Weddersleben
Museum Paper mill Weddersleben

This museum displays the single steps of paper production. Newly established departments are handmade paper production and paper garden. Asian paper techniques are shown in an experimental area. ... more

Museum Teuchern

... more

Hinweisschild Am Grossen Bruch
Optical Telegraph Station Neuwegersleben

In Prussia from 1832/33 to 1849/52, a semaphore technology involving optical mechanics was used to send governmental and military messages between Berlin and Koblenz, the Prussian administrative seat in Rhineland. To do ... more

Lukasklause Aussenansicht Magdeburg
Otto-von-Guericke-Zentrum in the Lukasklause

The octagonal tower of the Lukasklause belongs as a rest of the former city fortification to the oldest constructions of Magdeburg. Here a constant exhibit about life and work Otto von Guerickes (in 1602-1686) with copyi ... more

restaurierter Westflügel von Westen Harzgerode
Palace Harzgerode

In the mid-16th century, Prince George III had the Harzgerode Castle built completely anew as a fortified castle of the early modern period. Today, it is a one-of-a-kind monument to the castle-building style of Anhalt an ... more

Empfangsgebäude Eisenbahnmuseum Kötzschau Kötzschau
railway museum Kötzschau
Museum of the History of the Railway Leipzig-Großkorbetha

The Railway Museum Kötzschau is located in and around the Kötzschau train station's historic reception building. The museum is dedicated to the history of the Leipzig-Großkorbetha railway line, which open ... more

Landesfeuerwehrmuseum Sachsen-Anhalt in Stendal Stendal
Regional Fire Brigade Museum of Stendal

The exhibition shows the development of the fire fighting trade starting with the bucket made of leather up to the modern fire engine. The main focus is on the interesting fire engines of the former GDR (German Democrati ... more

Salzlandmuseum Schönebeck Schönebeck

Salzspüren ["Traces of Salt"], the new permanent exhibition in the main exhibition complex, documents the history of the town of Schönebeck as well as the area's close relationship with the production of salt. The first ... more

Shipbuilding- and Shipping Exhibition Roßlau

The exhibition of shipbuilding and of shipping shows illustratively the 134 year’s history of Roßlau’s shipyard and as well the history of its inland navigation. Visitors can see models, drawings, photo ... more

Technology Museum

The Dessau Museum of Technology, located at the historic Hugo Junkers airfield, is a gathering place for all people interested in technology and history. The focused and information-rich exhibition incorporates a wide va ... more

Pilotenrakete Magdeburg

Magdeburg's Museum of Technology is located in a former factory built in 1871 by Hermann Gruson. The structure still contains a working bridge crane that moves at a curve. The focus of the exhibition is on plant faciliti ... more

MZ Staßfurt
Vehicle museum Staßfurt

In the vehicle museum Staßfurt is very interesting represented, with which vehicles one moved between cape Arkona and Fichtelgebirge from young to old.
The vehicle history of the tradition marks MIFA, DIAMON ... more