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The Saxony-Anhalt Museum Association

Bergbau-, Hütten- und Salinenwesen

Kreismuseum Bitterfeld Bitterfeld
District Museum Bitterfeld

In 1892, the church paymaster Emil Obst founded the Städtische Sammlung für Heimatkunde und Geschichte des Kreises Bitterfeld ["Municipal Collection of Local and National History of the Bitterfeld District"]. B ... more

Außenansicht Hüttenmuseum Thale Thale
Iron and Steel Industry Museum Thale

Models and historical objects communicate to visitors the history of a large company that, at the end (in 1989), consisted of five productions areas: steel working, rolling mills, stamping and enamelling, container const ... more

Eingangshalle Ilsenburg
Iron and Steelworkers Museum Ilsenburg

In the museum’s focus of interest is the art of iron-casting in Ilsenburg. In the entrance the visitor is welcomed by iron-casting stairs from the 19th century that lead to the exhibitions. Further examples of iron ... more

Kunsthof Bad Salzelmen mit Soleturm, Gradierwerk und Schausiedehaus (Foto: Matthias Röhricht) Schönebeck
Kunsthof Bad Salzelmen

As part of a guided tour at the Kunsthof Bad Salzelmen ("Bad Salzelmen Courtyard of Art"), the heights of the saline graduation works and the brine tower can be scaled, the descent to the hidden Victoria Springs can be u ... more

Außenansicht Neudorf
Local Room Neudorf

This modest local history museum in the old village school is open to the public. Original furnishings and equipment convey the daily rural life of times past. There is also a small collection of minerals on display. ... more

Zufahrt zur Glasebach Straßberg
Mining Museum

The Grube Glasebach ("Glasebach pit") documents three centuries of mining in the Harz during which galena, chalcopyrite, iron ore and fluorspar were primarily mined. Visitors are led below ground and through two original ... more

Fördergerüst Röhrigschacht Wettelrode
Mining Museum Röhrigschacht

Mining in the region of the "Mansfelder Land" has always been something special in Germany-Comparable deposits can only be found in Poland. The present "Bergbaumuseum Röhrigschacht" (Museum of Mining) in Wettelrode ... more

das Stadt- und Bergbaumuseum mit historischer Galerie Staßfurt
Municipal- and Mining museum Staßfurt

In 1983 a permanent exhibition of the history of the town of Staßfurt and of the common salt production until 1850 was opened. (Later a strong potassium industry developed. In Staßfurt there was the first sha ... more

Romanisches Haus Bad Kösen Bad Kösen
Municipal Museum Bad Kösen

The Roman House (from approximately 1100) houses a permanent exhibition about the former Cistercian monastery gate, log driving on the Saale River, and Germany's northernmost viticulture on the rivers Saale and Unstrut. ... more

Aussenansicht Technisches Halloren- und Salinemuseum Halle Halle
Museum of Salt Workers and Salt works

As a result of the renovation measures beginning in early 2020, the museum will be closed on 31.12.2019 and will probably be reopened in mid-2022.

The museum of workers employed in the salt works of Hal ... more

Schloss Bernburg Bernburg
Museum Palace Bernburg

The museum ist closed to 2021.

The permanent exhibition covers the pre- and early history of the Saale region, the cultural and technological history of the mills and millers of the Lower Saale Valley, ... more

restaurierter Westflügel von Westen Harzgerode
Palace Harzgerode

In the mid-16th century, Prince George III had the Harzgerode Castle built completely anew as a fortified castle of the early modern period. Today, it is a one-of-a-kind monument to the castle-building style of Anhalt an ... more

Salzlandmuseum Schönebeck Schönebeck

Salzspüren ["Traces of Salt"], the new permanent exhibition in the main exhibition complex, documents the history of the town of Schönebeck as well as the area's close relationship with the production of salt. The first ... more

Pilotenrakete Magdeburg

Magdeburg's Museum of Technology is located in a former factory built in 1871 by Hermann Gruson. The structure still contains a working bridge crane that moves at a curve. The focus of the exhibition is on plant faciliti ... more