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The Saxony-Anhalt Museum Association

Elbschifffahrt, Fischerei

Schiffer in Arbeitskleidung Aken
Local History Museum Aken

The recently reorganized and illustrative exhibition informs the visitors about the history of the harbour of Aken and the shipping on the Elb which is in the centre of interest. Shown are the life and traditions of the ... more

Historisches Rathaus Tangermünde
Municipal Museum Tangermünde

Tangermünde’s town hall is one of the most beautiful buildings of the northern German brick Gothic. A restoration from the middle of the 19th century influences the present view.
The museum was established in 1929. ... more

Blick in die Ausstellung Fischerei Coswig
Museum Coswig

... more

Salzlandmuseum Schönebeck Schönebeck

Salzspüren ["Traces of Salt"], the new permanent exhibition in the main exhibition complex, documents the history of the town of Schönebeck as well as the area's close relationship with the production of salt. The first ... more

Shipbuilding- and Shipping Exhibition Roßlau

The exhibition of shipbuilding and of shipping shows illustratively the 134 year’s history of Roßlau’s shipyard and as well the history of its inland navigation. Visitors can see models, drawings, photo ... more