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The Saxony-Anhalt Museum Association


Fenster in einer Dunkelzelle des ehemaligen Bunkers, 2011 Prettin

Lichtenburg Castle, built during the Renaissance in the middle of the small town of Pretten (now a district of Altenburg), was used as a concentration camp from 1933 to 1945, initially as a men's camp, then as a women's ... more

Blick in den Stollen, 2012 Langenstein

In the March of 1944, under the codename "Malachit", the Reich Ministry for Armaments and War Production began the preparations for the underground relocation of armaments production to the Theken Mountains near Halberst ... more

Hafthäuser der Justizvollzugsanstalt Halle

Known as the "Roter Ochse" ("Red Ox"), this still-operational prison complex was opened as a "Royal Prussian penal, learning and reform complex" in 1842. The memorial is located in a section of the prison that is over 10 ... more

Außengelände der Gedenkstätte (Teilansicht) mit dem Kommandoturm, 2013 Marienborn
Memorial German division Marienborn

The Marienborn Memorial of German Division is located on the grounds of the former GDR border-crossing checkpoint (GÜst) at Marienborn. During the period that Germany was divided, the checkpoint at Marienborn develo ... more

Gedenkstätte Moritzplatz Magdeburg Magdeburg
Memorial Moritzplatz Magdeburg

The Moritzplaz Magdeburg Memorial is located in the former Magdeburg-Neustadt pre-trail detention center. The memorial commemorates all those who were held prisoner here due to political reasons during the Soviet occupat ... more

Gedenkstätte Bernburg Bernburg
Memorial to the victims of Nazi euthanasia

As of November, 1940, the State Sanatorium and Mental Hospital in Bernburg became one of the National Socialist's six main centers for the mass murder ("euthanasia") of the ill, disabled, old, and socially maladjusted. U ... more