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The Saxony-Anhalt Museum Association


Luftbildaufnahme Burg (Foto: Jens Schmidt) Ummendorf
Börde Museum Castle Ummendorf

The museum of the district Bördekreis is located in a former castle complex. The castle tower, whose lower parts with arched floors, remarkable fire places and a stairway from the Romanesque period come, belong to t ... more

District Museum Osterburg

District museum presents its extensive collection in a typical half-timbered house of Osterburg’s trader Carl Chritoph Bode from the 2nd half o the 18th century. There is shown a comprehensive with themes to rural ... more

Innenhof mit Taubenhaus Zahna
Farmers Museum of Zahna

The building of the former manor forms a four sided farmyard which informs the visitors about the inhabitants´ way of life of the "Fläming"("Fläming landscape"). A small exhibition gives attention to the agri ... more

Hofmuseum Läufer

Visitors and in particular children are given the opportunity of feeling what the life in the country was like in former times by visiting the Court Museum. This life was simple and full of deprivations. The main focus ... more

Local Room Spören

The history of agriculture and of rural trade is the main focus of this local room. ... more

Altstadtkern Landsberg Westansicht Landsberg

The museum is closed.

The Bernhard Brühl Museum, located on a former windmill's hill, looks back upon nearly 100 years of history. The current museum was preceded by the local history museum of G&u ... more

Ansicht des Museumsgebäudes: ehemaliger Stall für Rinder- u. Pferdehaltung Halle
Museum for domestic animal customer

The museum is located not far from the city center in a closed courtyard on the original site of the Agricultural Institute of the University of Halle. The exhibition rooms are in a former stable. The display focuses on ... more

Museum of Local History Ditfurt

Visitors can view rural-technical- and rustic cultural assets in the Museum of Local History of Ditfurt. There are sections of agriculture, archaeology, and the local history. ... more

Museum Yard

On this 250 years old farm visitors are shown the life and work in the country in the Harz mountains. ... more

Muuuhseum der Altmark Wust

... more

Winkelstedter Garten Diesdorf
Outdoor Museum Diesdorf

The open-air museum Diesdorf founded 1911 is one of Germany’s oldest folkloristic museums. Located at the Straße der Romanik (a line of historical buildings in Saxony-Anhalt) it shows more than 20 dwelling- ... more

Pilotenrakete Magdeburg

Magdeburg's Museum of Technology is located in a former factory built in 1871 by Hermann Gruson. The structure still contains a working bridge crane that moves at a curve. The focus of the exhibition is on plant faciliti ... more