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The Saxony-Anhalt Museum Association


Douche-Pavillon Bad Lauchstädt
Bad Lauchstädt Historic Spa Park and Goethe Theatre

During the guided tour of the exhibition on the history of the former health resort Bad Lachstädt, the visitor is submerged in the heyday of the so-called "Saxon Pyrmont". The spa life of the 18th century is just as ... more

Treppe zum Carl-Loewe-Haus und Stadtkirche Löbejün
Carl-Loewe-Museum Löbejün

Following extensive renovations conducted by the state, district, and town, the Carl Loewe House in the town of Wettin-Löbejün was handed over to the Carl Loewe Association in April, 2014, with the intention of ... more

Gottfried-August-Bürger-Museum in Molmerswende

Unfortunately, the museum building and birthplace of Gottfried August of Bürger (1747-1794) is closed due to structural reasons.

Currently, a small interim exhibition can be viewed at the local restaurant ... more

Luftbild Schloss Köthen Köthen
Historical Museum and Bach Memorial Castle Köthen

The History Museum and the Bach Memorial are located in the Ludwigsbau ("Ludwig Building") of the Köthen Castle. The heart of the exhibitions is the Bach Memorial, which pays tribute to Johann Sebastian Bach's activ ... more

Klopstockhaus Quedlinburg
Klopstockhaus Quedlinburg

The museum is housed in a half-timbered building from the 16th century, the birth house of the poet Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock (1724-1803). Klopstock, who is viewed as the father of classical German literature due to h ... more

Kultur-Gut Ermlitz

... more

Außenansicht Museumshof Haldensleben
Museum Haldensleben

Museum Haldensleben
Since its inception in 1910, the Museum Haldensleben has been housed in a neoclassical school building from 1866 located in the historic centre of Haldensleben.
The exhibition begin ... more

Schloss Weißenfels
Museum Palace Neu-Augustusburg

The museum at Weißenfels was established in the year 1910 by the "Verein für Natur- und Altertumskunde" (Association for Nature and the Science of History) and is located in the palace "Schloß Neu-August ... more

Stadtmuseum Wilhelm von Kügelgen Ballenstedt
Museum Wilheim von Kügelgen

The museum is in a simple Baroque palais at the Schlossplatz and is part of a historical complex of buildings like palace, theatre and the palace garden. The visitor is introduced vividly to the history of the town Balle ... more

Nietzsche Haus Naumburg
Nietzsche-House Naumburg

Nietzsche’s house in Naumburg is part of the so-called "Nietzsche-Straße" which connects the most important German stations of his course of life. From his place of birth Röcken near Lützen it leads ... more

Schloss Oberwiederstedt, das Geburtshaus des Dichters Novalis Wiederstedt
Research Centre for Early Romanticism and Novalis Museum

Nestled amidst the listed ensemble of a former Dominican monastery from the 13th century, the castle park, and the fairytale rose garden is the Renaissance Oberwiederstedt Castle. The most important poet of Early German ... more

Gleim und Spiegel im Freundschaftstempel Halberstadt
The Gleimhaus

When Goethe was on his Harz-journey in 1805 he already admired the painting gallery, called "Freundschaftstempel", of the poet and collector Johann Wilhelm Ludwig Gleim (1719-1803). Gleim, who was in contact with almost ... more

Der Neubau (Foto: Archiv Winckelmann-Gesellschaft) Stendal
Winckelmann Museum

Johann Joachim Winckelmann (1717-1768). His book The History of Ancient Art among the Greeks (first published in 1764) has resulted in him being recognized as the father of modern cientific archaeology and modern art hi ... more