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The Saxony-Anhalt Museum Association


Altmärkisches Museum Stendal: Neogotischer Nordflügel mit Hl. Katharina im Giebel Stendal
Altmark Museum

This museum shows possesses exhibits about the history and history of civilisation of the town of Stendal and the Altmark region, which range from early and prehistory to the present day. The museum contain such items a ... more

Burg und Schloss Allstedt Allstedt
Castle and Palais Allstedt

The preserved castle and palace complex offers a clear and tangible presentation of the site's construction and usage history spanning from the 13th to 19th century. The unique and imposing castle kitchen of the Late Med ... more

Oberburg Giebichenstein Halle
Castle Giebichenstein

Giebichenstein is one of the oldest settled areas in the Halle district. It became part of the Frankish Empire in the early 9th century. The salt production in the nearby Wittekind Valley, the strategic location atop of ... more

Haus Schlossfreiheit Nr. 5 Tangermünde
Castle Museum Tangermünde

The building in the street Schlossfreiheit 5 is the oldest preserves residential building in the town Tangermünde. It was built by the brothers Peter and Georg Krull about 1543. Their portraits have been preserved in loc ... more

Brilanz der mittelalterlichen Goldschmiedekunst (Foto: Domschatzstiftung) Halberstadt
Cathedral Treasure Halberstadt

The Halberstadt Cathedral is not only one of the most beautiful Gothic church structures in existence, but it also houses one of the most extensive collections of church treasures consisting of over 650 individual pieces ... more

Kunstmuseum Magdeburg, Ansicht von Westen (Foto: Hans Wulf Kunze) Magdeburg

In the heart of the regional capital of Magdeburg, not far from the Elbe River, is the Kunstmuseum Kloster Unser Lieben Frauen ("Convent of Our Lady Art Museum"), the most important venue for contemporary art and one of ... more

Ostseite der Klosterkirche Jerichow
Cloister Jerichow

Housed in the enclosure rooms of a Prémontré monastery (1144 - 1552), this museum informs about the history and development of the cloister Jerichow. In addition to architectonic pieces, an entire fin ... more

Blick in den Kreuzhof Blankenburg
Cloister Michaelstein

Today the former Cistercian Cloister is a music institute for performing practice and it is the seat of the Music Academy of Saxony- Anhalt. In the exhibition of musical instruments there are valuable exhibits of the 18t ... more

Doppelkapelle und Felsenbad von Südost Landsberg
Double Chapel

The late Romanesque double chapel, with its upper and lower chapel, is a gem of sacral architecture. The sophisticated ornamentation of the capitals dovetails into the stunning spatial composition. "St. Crucis" is the la ... more

PIETA-74 Valentin Starchev Bul Arendsee
Local History Museum Arendsee

The museum is located in the former hospital of a nunnery and informs about the history of the town as well as about the significance of Arendsee as a conservation area. Animal specimens give insights about the fauna of ... more

Melanchthonhaus und Erweiterungsgebäude; Foto: Florian Trott Lutherstadt Wittenberg
Luther Memorials Foundation in Saxony-Anhalt
Melanchthon House Wittenberg

Built in 1536 and almost preserved unchanged, the Melanchthon House is one of the most beautiful Renaissance houses of Germany. It served as a residence up until 1953 and was then used as local history museum until 1966. ... more

Kulturhistorisches Museum Magdeburg Magdeburg
Magdeburg Cultural History Museum

When the museum first opened in 1906 [as the Kaiser Friedrich Museum], the founding director Theodor Volbehr (1862-1931) stated, "The Kaiser Friedrich Museum intends to be a house that eases the comprehension of the cult ... more

Klosterkirche, 13. Jahrhundert Memleben
Monastery and Imperial Palace Museum of Memleben

Memleben entered history in the 10th century as a residence of King Henry I ("Henry the Fowler") and Emperor Otto I ("Otto the Great"). Otto the Great's reign began in Memleben with King Henry's death in 936, and ended t ... more

Stadtmuseum Hohe Lilie Naumburg
Municipal Museum

This permanent exhibition in the building "Hohe Lilie" concentrates on the history of Naumburg’s middle class in its different facettes. The largest exhibit is the 750-year-old building itself. Interactive computer ... more

Romanisches Haus Bad Kösen Bad Kösen
Municipal Museum Bad Kösen

The Roman House (from approximately 1100) houses a permanent exhibition about the former Cistercian monastery gate, log driving on the Saale River, and Germany's northernmost viticulture on the rivers Saale and Unstrut. ... more

Städtisches Museum Halberstadt
Municipal Museum Halberstadt

Since 1905 the Municipal Museum can be found in “Spiegelsche Kurie” at the so-called Domplatz. Today this museum deals with the town’s history and the history of the first bishopric of Central Germany, ... more

Historisches Rathaus Tangermünde
Municipal Museum Tangermünde

Tangermünde’s town hall is one of the most beautiful buildings of the northern German brick Gothic. A restoration from the middle of the 19th century influences the present view.
The museum was established in 1929. ... more

Außenansicht Museum Alte Münze Stolberg
Museum Alte Münze

One of the most beautiful half-timbered houses of Stolberg, built in 1535 as a mint workshop, is now the home of the city's Old Mint Museum. Unique in the German-speaking countries of Europe is the almost fully preserved ... more

Ausstellung zur Stadtgeschichte Aschersleben
Museum Aschersleben

The permanent exhibition of the Museum Aschersleben features a comprehensive presentation on the history of the city and the settlement of the region, spanning from the Palaeolithic times to the first documented evidence ... more

Burg Falkenstein Falkenstein
Museum Castle Falkenstein

Founded in the 12th century, the Falkenstein is one of the most beautiful and best preserved castles of the Harz Mountains. Up until the dynasty died out, the counts of Falkenstein were among the most important families ... more

FilmBurg Querfurt Querfurt
Museum Castle Querfurt

The silhouette of the mightily towered Querfurt Castle rises at the southwest edge of the city of Querfurt. With a surface area of approx. 3 hectares, the structure is one of the largest castles in Germany; it is approx. ... more

Jagdschloss Letzlingen Letzlingen
Museum hunting lodge Letzlingen

The picturesquely located Letzlinger Schloss ["Letzlingen Hunting Lodge"] was built between 1559 and 1562 by order of Prince-elector Johann Georg von Brandenburg. The stately hunting lodge owes its existence to his love ... more

Klosteranlage Hadmersleben
Museum of History of Civilisation Cloister Hadmersleben

The visitor of the almost preserved cloister finds interesting traditions of the constructional interior design of the inner rooms from the following centuries, e.g. Renaissance and Baroque stucco ceilings. There is a ro ... more

Schloss Bernburg Bernburg
Museum Palace Bernburg

The museum ist closed to 2021.

The permanent exhibition covers the pre- and early history of the Saale region, the cultural and technological history of the mills and millers of the Lower Saale Valley, ... more

Schloss Neuenburg Freyburg (Unstrut)
Museum Palace Neuenburg

Amidst the old cultural landscape along the river Unstrut, the mighty castle complex of the Neuenburg Castle soars above the small wine town of Freyburg.
The Thuringian Count Ludwig der Springer founded the castle ... more

Museum Teuchern

... more

Freilichtmuseum Tilleda
Open-Air Museum

The archaeological monument is located below the Kyffhäuser and encircles big grounds of about 6 hectares (600 ares) on which there was once an important palatinate of German Kings and Emperors. Today visitors basically ... more

Anna Amalia Quedlinburg
Palacemuseum Quedlinburg

The museum housed in Renaissance palace from the 16th and 17th century helps the visitor to get an overview of prehistory and early history and Early Medieval settlement of this region. It is shown the development of the ... more