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Prignitz-Museum at the Dom Havelberg


Prignitz-Museum am Dom Ausstellung Domgeschichte im Museum Blick in die Ausstellung
Prignitz-Museum am Dom
Cathedral - town - region, these are three subjects of Prignitz-Museum Havelberg that has existed for more than 100 years. The permanent exhibitions in the upper floor of cathedral’s and cloister’s area devote to these three the subjects. (It is part of the so-called Straße der Romanik.)
Prignitz-Museum wants to impart the history of the cathedral’s and cloister’s grounds from the bishopric’s foundation in 948 up to this day with models of the building and sacred works of art.
The history of the 1050-year-old town is imparted in the former bishop’s hall. There are 25 stations with different subjects, for listening or with hands-on-models which allow surprising views of the small town’s big history. Who expects subjects like Brandenburg’s colonial fleet or Tsar Peter’s Bernsteinzimmer?
The visitor’s attention is directed to the history of the settlement at the rivers Elbe and Havel in the former granary. Settlements and agricultural changes from the Stone Age to the Slavs, colonisation, christianisation and medieval improvement of the country with villages, towns, cloisters and castles are subjects here. Different reproductions, models and riddles invite big and small visitors to trying out and touching.

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