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Foyer Stadtmuseum Halle; Bildrechte: Stadt Halle (Saale)/T. Ziegler Blick in das Empfangszimmer von Christian Wolff; Bildrechte: Stadt Halle (Saale)/T. Ziegler Blick in die stadtgeschichtliche Ausstellung; Bildrechte: Stadt Halle (Saale)/T. Ziegler

The headquarters of the Halle City Museum, located at Großen Märkerstraße 10, consists of a heritage-rich collection of structures spanning from a Renaissance townhouse to a former printing building. Christian Wolff (1679-1754), the eminent and influential philosopher and university professor of the early Enlightenment, lived here in the 18th century. The patrician house, built in the 16th century, now bears his name. From the mid-18th century until 1945, the ensemble of buildings was the seat of the family-owned publishing and printing firm Gebauer & Schwetschke.
In 1954, a city museum was established in the historic townhouse.

The facilities of the city museum are currently in the midst of expansion and, as of 2013, will house two permanent exhibitions on city history.
Since November 2012, the first exhibition, "Sociability and the Freedom to Philosophy – Halle in the Age of Enlightenment", is found in the Christian Wolff House. The exhibition was organized within the scope of the state initiative "Sachsen-Anhalt and the 18th Century".

An interactive permanent exhibition on the history of the city of Halle will open in May 2013 in the premises of the former printing house. The exhibit offers a journey of discovery through the eventful and exciting history of the city on the river Saale.

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