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The Saxony-Anhalt Museum Association

Haus Schlossfreiheit Nr. 5 Tangermünde
Castle Museum Tangermünde

The building in the street Schlossfreiheit 5 is the oldest preserves residential building in the town Tangermünde. It was built by the brothers Peter and Georg Krull about 1543. Their portraits have been preserved i ... more

Historisches Rathaus Tangermünde
Municipal Museum Tangermünde

Tangermünde’s town hall is one of the most beautiful buildings of the northern German brick Gothic. A restoration from the middle of the 19th century influences the present view.
The museum was establish ... more

Museum Teuchern

... more

Außenansicht Hüttenmuseum Thale Thale
Iron and Steel Industry Museum Thale

Models and historical objects communicate to visitors the history of a large company that, at the end (in 1989), consisted of five productions areas: steel working, rolling mills, stamping and enamelling, container const ... more

Freilichtmuseum Tilleda
Open-Air Museum

The archaeological monument is located below the Kyffhäuser and encircles big grounds of about 6 hectares (600 ares) on which there was once an important palatinate of German Kings and Emperors. Today visitors basically ... more