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The Saxony-Anhalt Museum Association


Jahnmuseum Freyburg
Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn Museum

The former residence of Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, completed in 1839 according to his own plans, became the centre of the Jahn memorial.
Today, the museum is memorial and history museum at the same time and conveys kno ... more

Außenansicht Pretzsch
Local History Museum Pretzsch

The local history museum has been housed in a half-timbered house since 1993. The numerous objects exhibited offer a general overview of the local and town history, folklore, and historic arts and crafts. Furthermore, th ... more

Außenansicht Herbergsmuseum Foto: Jens Müller Blankenburg
Museum of Lodging

Since the 19th century here there was a lodging(inn) for travelling journeymen from all trades. The museum mirrors the typical atmosphere of the inn and informs the visitors about the travels, "the Walz". Even still toda ... more

Prignitz-Museum am Dom Havelberg
Prignitz-Museum at the Dom Havelberg

Cathedral - town - region, these are three subjects of Prignitz-Museum Havelberg that has existed for more than 100 years. The permanent exhibitions in the upper floor of cathedral’s and cloister’s area devot ... more

3 Puten die einen Vorhang raffen Coswig
Simonetti House Coswig

The Simonetti House is an outwardly modest, two-storey timber-framed house with a high hipped roof that was built in 1699, complete with laboratory, as the noble estate of the royal governor and alchemist, Baron of Meder ... more

Pilotenrakete Magdeburg

Magdeburg's Museum of Technology is located in a former factory built in 1871 by Hermann Gruson. The structure still contains a working bridge crane that moves at a curve. The focus of the exhibition is on plant faciliti ... more