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Haus Schlossfreiheit Nr. 5 Denkmal Kaiser Karls IV. Siegelmarke des Amtsgerichts Tangermünde

The building in the street Schlossfreiheit 5 is the oldest preserves residential building in the town Tangermünde. It was built by the brothers Peter and Georg Krull about 1543. Their portraits have been preserved in lockets over the seating niches of the entrance portal. In 1998 the castle museum, which documents the history of the castle, was established here. From 1308 till 1463 the castle in Tangermünde was the centre of power of the electors of Brandenburg. The Empower Karl IV wrote history here: within the framework of a big court day he organized the hereditary unification of the Mark Brandenburg with the Kingdom of Bohemia. Documents, references of law and religion give an insight into the three complexes of a residence in the late middle Ages-chambers, a court and a foundation.
In a second part the castle is presented as a Brandenburgian-Prussian department from 1463 till 1869. The reconstruction of the castle complex around the turn of the century forms the final part of the exhibition.

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