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Altstadtkern Landsberg Westansicht Museum und Portrait des Sammlungsbegründers Detail in der Historischen Landapotheke Das originale Wappenteil der Kursächsischen Postmeilensäule Detail im Bereich Handwerk/Landwirtschaft
Altstadtkern Landsberg Westansicht
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The Bernhard Brühl Museum, located on a former windmill's hill, looks back upon nearly 100 years of history. The current museum was preceded by the local history museum of Gütz founded by Bernhard Brühl in 1916, and the local history of Landsberg founded by Paul Sannemann in 1933. The informative permanent exhibitions present an overview of more than 1000 years of local history. The highlight of the museum's collection is the original, fully-furnished pharmacy from 1900 compiled by the former pharmacist and museum director Heinz-Walter Borgass. A variety of temporary exhibitions as well as lectures and readings on topics of historical, cultural, natural and artistic interest offer museum visitors a continually changing palette of new impulses and concepts. The museum also places importance on working educationally with children and young people in the form of projects and holiday events.

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Hillerstr. 8
06188 Landsberg

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