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ORWO-Werbung museumspädagogische Programme Ausstellungsraum Giesserei Agfa-Farbfilmschachtel
Taking photos is very simple – press and ready. But who knows how a film is developed, how many step sequences are necessary and what temperature and light conditions men and women have worked under in the second largest film factory of the world up to the 1990s.
The visitors are shown the production of cinematographical and photographical films by means of original machines. A historical foray through the history of AGFA and ORWO brings something unexpected to light. Or have you known that the world’s first practicable colour film – the AgfacolorNeu-Film – was produced in the present museum building in 1936? Furthermore you can admire the largest camera exhibition of Saxony-Anhalt. For groups of children and school classes the museum offers special pedagogic programms.

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