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Schloß Wernigerode® Festsaal Rüstung
Schloß Wernigerode®
The first castle of Wernigerode was built around 1110 above the town on the slope of the Agnesberg mountain. It was the castle residence of the noble ministerial family of the shortly thereafter designated Count of Wernigerode. The familial line died out in 1429 and was inherited by the Count of Stolberg. The castle, which was converted into a Baroque residential castle during the 17th and 18th century, then served as the family residence for the Stolberg-Wernigerode Family. Vacated in 1930, it was converted into a museum for the first time. As of 1949, the Feudal Museum of Wernigerode was the central state depot for countless castles, palaces and manor houses of the former Prussian province of Saxony, and with that a large part of what is now both Saxony-Anhalt and the Free State of Thuringia. There had already been three important phases of reorganization by 1990, when the structure became a castle museum. Since 1998, Wernigerode Castle has been the premier German center for the artistic and cultural history of the 19th century. On exhibition within the nearly 50 rooms are living areas furnished with original furniture and facilities of the German aristocracy prior to 1918 as well as thematic areas on the history of the Stolberg-Wernigerode Family as well as on the Second German Empire, of which the driving force behind the major historicist remodeling of Wernigerode Castle from 1863 to 1885, Count Otto zu Stolberg-Wernigerode, was an essential and central figure. Further priorities of the museum include arts and crafts and furniture from the 16th to 19th century.

In the Frühlingsbau, there are rooms for the presentation of large special exhibitions on the artistic and cultural history of the 19th century and/or on the general history of the Harz.

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