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Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
Archaeological Museum


Außenansicht des Robertinum am Universitätsplatz, in dem sich das Archäologische Museum befindet Innenansicht des Museums Römisches Zimmer Panathenäische Amphore, 562/558 v. Chr. Chimäre von Arrezzo, etruskische Bronzeplastik, um 400 v. Chr., Florenz, (Bronzenachbildung)

The archaeological teaching collection of the University of Halle has had the character of a public museum since it was founded in 1845. Today, it is housed in a building constructed in 1891 specifically for the collection; the building is named after the collection's long-time director, Carl Robert (1850 – 1922).
The exhibition features genuine examples of ancient craftworks – vases, terracotta figurines, bronze statues, bronze jewellery, fragments of marble sepulchral and votive sculptures, remnants of frescoes and mosaic – supplemented by plaster casts of important large-sized sculptural works, watercolour reproductions of Pompeian wall paintings, and galvanoplastic reproductions of coins and gold vessels. This broad selection of artefacts and objects offers an impression of the cultural development of ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt.

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