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Double Chapel


Doppelkapelle und Felsenbad von Südost Doppelkapelle im Sonnenuntergang von Nordwest Oberkapelle nach Südost Kapitellschmuck in der Unterkapelle Schnitzaltar von Stephan Hermsdorf um 1525

The late Romanesque double chapel, with its upper and lower chapel, is a gem of sacral architecture. The sophisticated ornamentation of the capitals dovetails into the stunning spatial composition. "St. Crucis" is the last remaining structure of the royal residence of the Margrave of the Saxon Ostmark. The permanent exhibition found on the floor above the chapel rooms presents various aspects of the castle and mountain history, a model of the castle compounds, and a photo exhibition on other double chapels. According to local lore, the reformer Martin Luther supposedly once spent the night here.

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