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The Saxony-Anhalt Museum Association

Klosteranlage Hadmersleben
Museum of History of Civilisation Cloister Hadmersleben

The visitor of the almost preserved cloister finds interesting traditions of the constructional interior design of the inner rooms from the following centuries, e.g. Renaissance and Baroque stucco ceilings. There is a ro ... more

Berend Lehmann Museum Eingangstür Halberstadt
Berend Lehmann Museum

The museum is named after Berend Lehmann(1661-1730) who was a Jew at court of Halberstadt. Berend Lehmann was one of the most distinguished Jews at court of this time. Above all he served at the Saxon court while residi ... more

Brilanz der mittelalterlichen Goldschmiedekunst (Foto: Domschatzstiftung) Halberstadt
Cathedral Treasure Halberstadt

The Halberstadt Cathedral is not only one of the most beautiful Gothic church structures in existence, but it also houses one of the most extensive collections of church treasures consisting of over 650 individual pieces ... more

Gleim und Spiegel im Freundschaftstempel Halberstadt
The Gleimhaus

When Goethe was on his Harz-journey in 1805 he already admired the painting gallery, called "Freundschaftstempel", of the poet and collector Johann Wilhelm Ludwig Gleim (1719-1803). Gleim, who was in contact with almost ... more

Saurier Halberstadt
Museum Heineanum

Collected by Ferdinand Heine Snr. (1809-1894) and recognised as the biggest private collection of birds in the middle of the 19th century, it is the basis of this special "Naturkundemuseum" (museum of natural science).more

Kindergruppe beim Halberstadt
Schraube Museum

Know, engaged and popular in her hometown Halberstadt, she was the last member of the manufacturer and trader family Schraube. Margarete, born 1903, studied geography, history and sport, worked as a teacher. She wasn ... more

Städtisches Museum Halberstadt
Municipal Museum Halberstadt

Since 1905 the Municipal Museum can be found in “Spiegelsche Kurie” at the so-called Domplatz. Today this museum deals with the town’s history and the history of the first bishopric of Central Germany, ... more

Außenansicht Museumshof Haldensleben
Museum Haldensleben

Museum Haldensleben
Since its inception in 1910, the Museum Haldensleben has been housed in a neoclassical school building from 1866 located in the historic centre of Haldensleben.
The exhibition begin ... more

Waisenhaus Halle
Francke Foundations

The Francke Foundations in Halle, founded in 1698 as a poorhouse and orphanage by the Pietist theologian August Hermann Francke (1663-1727), gained respect and recognition throughout 18th-century Europe as an educational ... more

Hafthäuser der Justizvollzugsanstalt Halle

Known as the "Roter Ochse" ("Red Ox"), this still-operational prison complex was opened as a "Royal Prussian penal, learning and reform complex" in 1842. The memorial is located in a section of the prison that is over 10 ... more

Händel-Haus (Foto: Thomas Ziegler) Halle
Handel House

The Music Museum of the city of Halle (Saale) was established in the birth house of Georg Friedrich Handel in 1948. The collection and priorities of the museum focus on the life and work of Georg Friedrich Handel, the mu ... more

Moritzburg Innenhof Halle
Endowment Moritzburg

The art museum is housed in a castle from the late 15th century that once served as the residence of the Archbishop of Magdeburg. During the Thirty Years War, the Moritzburg Castle suffered severe damage. It was converte ... more

Museumsgebäude Halle
Regional Museum of Prehistory

Its general renovations now completed, Germany's oldest museum structure for prehistoric archaeology has now reopened with its new permanent exhibition. The thematic spheres include the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Ages ( ... more

Skelett einer Doppelbildung aus der Meckelschen Sammlung Halle
Anatomical collections

The anatomical collections of Halle University belong to the most extensive ones of its kind in Europe. They have invaluable preparations. The anatomist from Halle Philipp Friedrich Theodor Meckel (1755-1803) extended hi ... more

Außenansicht des Robertinum am Universitätsplatz, in dem sich das Archäologische Museum befindet Halle
Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
Archaeological Museum

The archaeological teaching collection of the University of Halle has had the character of a public museum since it was founded in 1845. Today, it is housed in a building constructed in 1891 specifically for the collecti ... more

Fossile Zähne des Tapirverwandten der Gattung Lophiodon Halle

The Geiseltal Museum is located in the center of Halle in a residential structure from the early Renaissance originally built for the Archbishop of Mainz and Magdeburg.

As a result of the extensive lignite min ... more

Ansicht des Museumsgebäudes: ehemaliger Stall für Rinder- u. Pferdehaltung Halle
Museum for domestic animal customer

The museum is located not far from the city center in a closed courtyard on the original site of the Agricultural Institute of the University of Halle. The exhibition rooms are in a former stable. The display focuses on ... more

Universitätshauptgebäude Halle
Central University Museum

The Central University Museum was opened to celebrate Luther in the main building in 1983. Since 1992 it has been in the former students house 𠇋urse zur Tulpe” whose rooms have been redesigned in Bauhaus style.< ... more

Hauptgebäude Zentralmagazin Naturwissenschaftliche Sammlungen Foto: F. Steinheimer Halle
Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
projekt university museum of natural

More than five million objects are housed in the natural sciences storerooms of the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. They are part of one of the ten largest, oldest and most important of such collections in Ger ... more

Blick in den historischen Säugersaal: systematisches Schau- und Lehrmagazin aus dem 19. Jahrhundert Halle
Zoological Collection

Founded in 1775 by J. F. G. Goldhagen as a cabinet of natural history, the zoological collection has been continually expanded over the past 200 years by purchases, donations, international exchanges and collecting exped ... more

Foyer Stadtmuseum Halle; Bildrechte: Stadt Halle (Saale)/T. Ziegler Halle
city museum

The headquarters of the Halle City Museum, located at Großen Märkerstraße 10, consists of a heritage-rich collection of structures spanning from a Renaissance townhouse to a former printing building. Chr ... more

Oberburg Giebichenstein Halle
Castle Giebichenstein

Giebichenstein is one of the oldest settled areas in the Halle district. It became part of the Frankish Empire in the early 9th century. The salt production in the nearby Wittekind Valley, the strategic location atop of ... more

Aussenansicht Technisches Halloren- und Salinemuseum Halle Halle
Museum of Salt Workers and Salt works

As a result of the renovation measures beginning in early 2020, the museum will be closed on 31.12.2019 and will probably be reopened in mid-2022.

The museum of workers employed in the salt works of Hal ... more

Wilhelm-Friedemann-Bach-Haus (Foto: Uwe Köhn) Halle
Wilhelm Friedemann Bach House

The Wilhelm Friedemann Bach House on Großer Klausstraße, the former residence of the eldest son of Johann Sebastian Bach, is one of the most important Renaissance houses in the city of Halle. The new part of ... more

Aussenansicht St. Marienkirche Harzgerode
Church St. Marien Harzgerode

Harzgerode was a capital of the very small principality Anhalt-Bernburg-Harzgerode between 1635-1709. The interesting interior design has its origin in Prince Wilhelm who can be seen on a portrait made of copper. The fol ... more

restaurierter Westflügel von Westen Harzgerode
Palace Harzgerode

In the mid-16th century, Prince George III had the Harzgerode Castle built completely anew as a fortified castle of the early modern period. Today, it is a one-of-a-kind monument to the castle-building style of Anhalt an ... more

Prignitz-Museum am Dom Havelberg
Prignitz-Museum at the Dom Havelberg

Cathedral - town - region, these are three subjects of Prignitz-Museum Havelberg that has existed for more than 100 years. The permanent exhibitions in the upper floor of cathedral’s and cloister’s area devot ... more

Mansfeld-Museum im Humboldt-Schloss Hettstedt
Mansfeld Museum at the Humboldt Castle

The history of Mansfeld Land is that of a region closely linked to the tradition of copper mining, copper smelting, and the semi-finished products industry. The Mansfeld Museum, founded in the 1980s, was originally the c ... more

Das Technische Denkmal Ziegelei Hundisburg Hundisburg
Technological Memorial of the Brickworks of Hundisburg

The Technical Memorial Brickworks Hundisburg originally was a brickworks founded in 1882. A complete and efficient plant can be visited. Its machinery is equivalent to the stage of development in 1903. It consists of as ... more