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The Saxony-Anhalt Museum Association

Museum Papiermühle Weddersleben Weddersleben
Museum Paper mill Weddersleben

This museum displays the single steps of paper production. Newly established departments are handmade paper production and paper garden. Asian paper techniques are shown in an experimental area. ... more

Gustav-Adolf-Museum, Funeral Parlour

The Swedish King Gustav Adolf II, who was killed in action in the battle of Lützen, was layed on the bier in this house and later a post-mortem was carried out. This building served as well as lodging for Wallenstein´s g ... more

Heinrich-Schütz-Haus Weißenfels Weißenfels
Heinrich-Schütz-Haus Weißenfels

The Heinrich Schütz House is the last remaining original residence of the composer. In 1651 Schütz purchased the house for his retirement, and he lived in it until shortly before his death in 1672. Within the w ... more

Schloss Weißenfels
Museum Palace Neu-Augustusburg

The museum at Weißenfels was established in the year 1910 by the "Verein für Natur- und Altertumskunde" (Association for Nature and the Science of History) and is located in the palace "Schloß Neu-August ... more

Fachwerk Wernigerode
Harz Museum Wernigerode

The building of the Harz-Museum, erected as a residential building in 1821, stayed private property till 1918. Then it put up municipal authorities, e.g. the police and construction management.
The museum has been ... more

Museum Yard

On this 250 years old farm visitors are shown the life and work in the country in the Harz mountains. ... more

Schloß Wernigerode® Wernigerode
Palace Wernigerode. Center for Art and Cultural History of the 19th Century

The first castle of Wernigerode was built around 1110 above the town on the slope of the Agnesberg mountain. It was the castle residence of the noble ministerial family of the shortly thereafter designated Count of Werni ... more

Fördergerüst Röhrigschacht Wettelrode
Mining Museum Röhrigschacht

Mining in the region of the "Mansfelder Land" has always been something special in Germany-Comparable deposits can only be found in Poland. The present "Bergbaumuseum Röhrigschacht" (Museum of Mining) in Wettelrode ... more

Schloss Oberwiederstedt, das Geburtshaus des Dichters Novalis Wiederstedt
Research Centre for Early Romanticism and Novalis Museum

Nestled amidst the listed ensemble of a former Dominican monastery from the 13th century, the castle park, and the fairytale rose garden is the Renaissance Oberwiederstedt Castle. The most important poet of Early German ... more

Local room Wippra

... more

ORWO-Werbung Wolfen
Industry and Film Museum Wolfen

Taking photos is very simple – press and ready. But who knows how a film is developed, how many step sequences are necessary and what temperature and light conditions men and women have worked under in the second l ... more

Außenansicht Museum Wolmirstedt Wolmirstedt
Museum Wolmirstedt

Founded in 1927, the regional museum is located in a partially reconstructed stone-wall barn from 1846. The Museum Wolmirstedt is sponsored by the district of Börde. After extensive reconstruction and modernisation ... more

Gotisches Haus Wörlitz
Gothic House

The "Gothic House", one of the most beautiful examples of the Neo-Gothic style, was built from 1773 onwards. Apart from the private rooms of the Prince it also housed his collections. Although the inspiration for the bui ... more

Schloss Wörlitz Wörlitz
Palace Wörlitz

The Wörlitz Palace as the earliest classical building in Germany was built between 1769 ans 1773. It was designed by Friedrich Wilhelm von Erdmannsdorff. Prince Leopold III. Friedrich Franz von Anhalt-Dessau as a su ... more