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Treppe zum Carl-Loewe-Haus und Stadtkirche Wohnzimmer zur Loewes Zeiten Werke-Raum Hörstationen Loewe und die Ballade

Following extensive renovations conducted by the state, district, and town, the Carl Loewe House in the town of Wettin-Löbejün was handed over to the Carl Loewe Association in April, 2014, with the intention of opening a "house for music and art" for everyone.
The furnishings and new permanent exhibition at the Carl Loewe Museum were made possible by the generous financial support of the Ostdeutschen Sparkassenstiftung ["East German Savings Banks Association"] and the Saalesparkasse ["Saale Savings Bank"].
The permanent exhibition about the life and work of Carl Loewe on the upper floor, a chamber music hall and the record collection in the attic, and the multifunctional rooms in the basement combine to enable visitors to enjoy a fully immersive and unique experience of Loewe's music.
Handwritten and autographed musical compositions, letters, first editions of music scores, books, and writings by and about Loewe are complemented by sound recordings. The combined collection is the foundation for the eventual expansion into a central, trans-regional center focusing on the documentation of the life and work of the composer. The new music museum is now a fixed address on the cross-country "Central German Road of the Music". Scholastic publications and biographical research are supported, and questions from around the world pertaining to Carl Loewe and his works are answered.
The Carl Loewe Museum has the world's most comprehensive collection of sound recordings of Loewe's work, one which offers an experienceable history of the development of sound-reproduction technology (from old Edison phonographs to gramophones to today's audio technology). As a "musician's museum", the emphasis is on the experience of Loewe's and Loewe-related music. Listening stations with selected music pieces allow visitors to approach Loewe's compositions individually, from ballads to oratorios to instrumental works. Thanks to the weekly piano and guitar lessons given by the Kreismusikschule "Carl Loewe", the museum is constantly filled with music.
The new "musician's museum" is intended not just for musicologists and fans of Loewe's music, but rather for all those who are curious or interested music: it offers a variety of engaging activities and events, including project days for children, student research and study work, musical and literary events, information for Loewe enthusiasts from all over the world, and more. And all that within an international network of Loewe fans.

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