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Municipal Museum Tangermünde


Historisches Rathaus Schwurkästchen des Tangermünder Rates (ursprünglich Reliquienschrein) Acta Inquisitional - gegen Margarethen Mündten und Consorten, 1620 aus dem Stadtarchiv Tangermünde

Tangermünde’s town hall is one of the most beautiful buildings of the northern German brick Gothic. A restoration from the middle of the 19th century influences the present view.
The museum was established in 1929. The presentation of the varied local history concentrates on the great fire in 1617 and the following condemnation of Grete Minde.
In the 19th century Tangermünde develops to an industrial town. For this the history of some factories and the cultivated living of the Biedermeier period are shown. A lot of models of ships and boats with equipment used by sailors and fishermen illustrate the life at or on the River Elbe.