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Gleim und Spiegel im Freundschaftstempel Freundschaftstempel Gleimstuhl Kinder in der Ausstellung

When Goethe was on his Harz-journey in 1805 he already admired the painting gallery, called "Freundschaftstempel", of the poet and collector Johann Wilhelm Ludwig Gleim (1719-1803). Gleim, who was in contact with almost all important writers of the late 18th century, turned Halberstadt into literary centre. Moreover he collected the biggest portrait gallery of poets of his time, i. e. 120 portraits e. g. of Lessing, Herder and many more with whom Gleim was on friendly terms.
Furthermore books, letters and other extraordinary pieces of the collection convey a lively impression of the 18th century. With its historical library and its extensive collection of manuscripts the "Gleimhaus" is a research establishment for the history of literature and culture of the time of Enlightenment.
Children can experience the time of Gleim with all their senses in a specially equipped room.

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