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Winkelstedter Garten Vergoodendeel Tanzgruppe Deelenpetter Schmiede
Winkelstedter Garten
The open-air museum Diesdorf founded 1911 is one of Germany’s oldest folkloristic museums. Located at the Straße der Romanik (a line of historical buildings in Saxony-Anhalt) it shows more than 20 dwelling- and working quarters and smallholder gardens laid out historically on an area of ca. 6 ha.
So-called North German hall houses, lofts, so-called gate houses, a trestle windmill, a smithy, a pigeon tower, a bake house and a local school from different periods of time shown on different farms give the museum the view of a village in the area of the Altmark. Regional cooking is offered by a special restaurant named Museumskrug. It is presented as a living museum with various events showing the culture, working conditions and the way of life from the 17th to the 20th century.

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Molmker Str. 23
29413 Diesdorf

Tel.: (0 39 02) 450
Fax.: (0 39 02) 93 98 28 Opening Hours
April-October: Tuesday-Sunday and holidays 10 am - 5 pm
November-March: groups by appointment/call ahead

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