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Museum of the History of the Railway Leipzig-Großkorbetha


Empfangsgebäude Eisenbahnmuseum Kötzschau Betriebsfeld Lok V22 Draisine des Eisenbahnmuseums Kötzschau
Empfangsgebäude Eisenbahnmuseum Kötzschau
The Railway Museum Kötzschau is located in and around the Kötzschau train station's historic reception building. The museum is dedicated to the history of the Leipzig-Großkorbetha railway line, which opened in 1856, as well as to railroading in general. From the initial idea of constructing the railway route (1826) up to the present, visitors can take a trip through time. In addition to extensive pictorial and documentary material on many thematic aspects, among other things an original service room with a ticket office from around 1935 is on display. The uniforms and effects from different eras document the development of the work clothes of railway employees. Paperwork, tickets, waybills, signals and signs, as well as lanterns offer a glimpse into the fascinating world of the railway. Railway construction equipment and tools testify to the once-heavy physical work. Detailed models show the buildings of the railway route. The museum also houses the former Leipzig-Leutzsch training output medium and switch tower. This system, consisting of six different models of output mediums, was once the training facility of the Leipzig office of the East German Railway. It was used for the practice-based training of dispatchers and station masters. Parts of the signal box training system date as far back as 1898. The facilities at the Railroad Museum Kötzschau are still used today for training by different railway companies. The Signal Garden, located on the expansive open-air grounds of the museum, includes a selection of different signal types and models in original size. The track system with track switch on the grounds invites active viewer participation, as does the historical hand-operated rail trolley found on the tracks. The Railroad Museum Kötzschau has been presenting railroad history since 2007. In 2009/10, at the initiative of the railway enthusiasts' organization Betreibervereins Eisenbahnfreunde Kötzschau e.V., the derelict reception building of the Kötzschau train station, which was built in 1856, was saved from total ruin when it was accepted into the funding program for the renovation of old railway buildings run by the Nahverkehrsservice Sachsen-Anhalt – NASA [Saxony-Anhalt Transport Service]. The historic reception building, now housing the museum, was reopened in 2014 by the Saxony-Anhalt Minister of Transport Thomas Webel.

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Postanschrift: Geschäftsstelle Eisenbahnfreunde Kötzschau e.V., Am Bahnhof 27, 06237 Leuna / OT Kötzschau

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