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Mineral (Foto: Neumann) Schale (Foto: Neumann) Europasaurus (Foto: Karisch) rekonstruiertes Rentierjägerzelt (Foto: Neumann) Dachschädellurch (Foto: Neumann)
Mineral (Foto: Neumann)
Since it was founded in 1927, the museum is located in one of the few impressive buildings in the city - the former ,,Leopold-Dankstift‘‘.Built as an almshouse in 1750, the house was extended around 1850 and a striking tower was added, based on the model of the bellfry of the St. Spirito church in Rome.

On the upper floor, the museum presents interesting objects and information about landscape and natural history in the area between the river Elbe and the Harz mountains. There is also information about the settlement of the middle-Elbe-area by humans and today's natural habitats including its plants and animals.

On the ground floor, visitors can see special exhibitions with a wide range of topics, based on a variety of different departments found within the museum. Anyone willing to take up the challenge of climbing the six floors of the 40 meter high tower can take a “walk through the history of the earth”.

The extensive prehistoric and natural history collections of the museum, with more than a million objects from our region and far beyond, are accessible to researchers and citizen scientists. The museum also contains the largest natural history library in Anhalt, which can be used on site or via interlibrary loan.

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