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Goldschmuck aus dem Helmsdorfer Fürastengrab, Aunjetitzer Kultur (ca 2.300 - 1.600 v. Chr.)
The foundation of the collection was laid by Carl Friedrich Ludwig Plümicke (1791-1866), the director of the first German mountain school in Eisleben from 1817-1862.
In addition to archive materials, coins and sacral objects, Plümicke's collections also included artifacts from pre and early history such as minerals and fossils. The collections were expanded by the Association for History and Antiquities of the Earldom of Mansfield, whose most well-known chairperson was Prof. Dr. Hermann Größler (1840 – 1910); he acquired lasting merit through the excavation and scholarly appraisal of the so-called King's Tomb at Helmsdorf (from the early Bronze Age).
The museum of the antiquities association was gifted important natural history collections by, among others, the Natural History Association and the city's Martin Luther Secondary School. Following the establishment of the Luther Memorials Foundation of Saxony-Anhalt in 1997, ownership of pieces with direct reference to Luther was transferred to the Foundation. The regional history collections have been entrusted to Lutherstadt Eisleben, which is gradually making them available to the public again. The Alte Bergschule ("Old Mountain School") at Sangerhäuser Str. 13, for example, now houses an exhibition on the history of the mountain school of Eisleben that also includes items from the Plümicke Collection.

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