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Puppetry Collection of Central Germany in Villa p. at the Magdeburg Puppet Theater


FigurenSpielSammlung (Foto: Jesko Döring) Schneewittchen (Foto: Jesko Döring) Kind (Foto: Jesko Döring) Kasper (Foto: Jesko Döring) Kleiner Onkel (Foto: Jesko Döring)
FigurenSpielSammlung (Foto: Jesko Döring)
The FigurenSpielSammlung Mitteldeutschland [Puppetry Collection of Central Germany), which opened in 2012, is located in a renovated, landmark half-timbered house built in 1884 known as the Villa p. Located next to the Magdeburg Puppet Theatre, Villa p. houses a permanent exhibition on the history of puppetry in Saxony-Anhalt and Central Germany from its beginnings around 1,500 B.C. to the present. Spread across 19 elaborate rooms and over 650 square meters of floor space, more than 1200 theater puppets reveal the interactions between the different social systems and the art of puppetry. The influences of world history, religion, politics and science on this popular art form are elucidated, as is the evolution of the techniques and materials. Regularly changing special exhibitions about important protagonists of the international puppet scene or related art forms are an added attraction. The collection, which is aimed at both children as well as adults, places importance on interactivity.
In addition, diverse guided tours are available, as are art and theater-related educational activities.

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