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Außenansicht Hüttenmuseum Thale Blick in einen Teil der Ausstellung Dampfmaschine Nr. 7 Geschichte der Walzwerke Projekttag Email

Models and historical objects communicate to visitors the history of a large company that, at the end (in 1989), consisted of five productions areas: steel working, rolling mills, stamping and enamelling, container construction and apparatus engineering, and powder metallurgy. The exhibition features products from 1835 to 2007. Many visitors might even still remember Lien-Email (or "Lion's enamel"), which was produced by the oldest enamelling plant of Europe, from the kitchens of their mothers and grandmothers. A section of the exhibition also focuses on the handling of environmental problems, spanning from the creation to the removal of industrial contamination.

Since May 2009, the unique to Saxony-Anhalt steam engine No. 7, which was built in 1911 and not only remained in operation until September 1990 but is still functional, can also be viewed.

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