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Kreismuseum Bitterfeld Stadtgeschichte Bernsteinkeller Bernsteinkeller Geologie

The visitor’s attention is drawn to the special main focus geology because of the important brown coal opencasts in the area of Bitterfeld up to 1990. And it is described the local clay pipe industry. A permanent exhibition opened in March 2001 is dedicated to the only place in Germany where amber has been won. Just under eight years after the cessation the visitor can inform oneself about the geological conditions, the formation of the 20 million year old Harz mountains, the different sorts and shapes of amber and look at inclusions of insects and plants.
Other exhibitions deal with biology, the local history and archaeology. And there is a permanent exposition to the military history of the Prussian Bitterfeld.
Since 2003 there has been an exhibition room to the history of ballooning and airship building in Bitterfeld.

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