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Regenstein Castle


Blankenburg: Burg und Festung Regenstein

The ruins of Regenstein, a medieval castle, lie high atop an impressive rock spur located approximately 3 kilometers north of Blankenburg. The structure is considered particularly noteworthy architecturally, for the 32 still-existent rooms and moats are carved directly into the sandstone. Most of the ruins are open to the public. The castle had numerous buildings and seven towers during the Middle Ages, and was the region's center of power. In the mid-15th century, Regenstein was abandoned in favor of the castles built in Blankenburg and Derenburg. In the 17th and 18th centuries, Regenstein was converted into one of the most important fortresses of Prussia.
The only vestiges of that time still to be seen today are the brick bastions, earthworks and gateway structure. Located in the middle of the Braunschweig Territory, Regenstein remained a Prussian enclave until 1945.