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Naumburg Cathedral Treasure Vault


Maria Magdalens, Ausschnitt eines Altarretabels, Lukas Cranach d.Ä., um 1517-18 Johannesschüssel, 13.-16. Jahrhundert Blick ins Domschatzgewölbe Pietá, frühes 14. Jahrhundert

As of 29 June 2006, in close proximity to the Naumburg Cathedral, more than 30 selected Medieval and Renaissance treasures are being publicly presented for the first time in decades. Altars, panels, sacral sculptures, documents and manuscripts can all be admired in the Romanesque vaults beneath the west enclosure - in the Naumburg Cathedral Treasure Vault. One should not deprive oneself of the beauty and grace of Maria Magdalena as painted by Lucas Cranach the Elder (around 1517/18). The Holy Saint adorns one of two surviving bilaterally painted wings of the former main altar of the Naumburg West Choir.
The sculpture of St. John's head on a platter from the 13th century is also an extraordinary cultural treasure. It ranks as one of the earliest sculptural representations of the theme in Medieval Europe.
The wooden Pietá from the early 14th century is another highpoint of the Cathedral Treasure Vault. With its well-preserved original colouring and vivid expressiveness, the Naumburg Pietá ranks among the most impressive sculptures of its time.