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Burg Falkenstein Fenster Eike von Repgow Königszimmer


The "Falkenstein" Castle belongs to the most beautiful and well-preserved castles in the Harz Mountains. In spite of intensive building the medieval basic character of this castle has been retained. Connected with this castle is the legend that Eike von Repgow has written here his "Sachsenspiegel".
Completely furnished rooms from different epochs are to be seen. The exhibitions are dedicated to the medieval life in the castle. The numerous rooms present the interior of the different epochs. The hall of the knight´s castle and the huge Biedermeier-style room which was designed by K. F. Schinkel are especially charming. The Gothic kitchen, which was restored in 1997, functions perfectly. A collection of historical hunting rifles reminds of the time of the court hunting and in the west wing of the castle there is an exhibition devoted to the "Sachsenspiegel" and its influence on Europe.
Recommendable is the castle´s chaple. The chaple window is an excellent example of glass painting from the high middle Ages.
The castle belongs to the foundation of castles, stately homes and gardens of the State of Sachsen-Anhalt.

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