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Berend Lehmann Museum Eingangstür Der Synagogenrest auf dem Gelände vor dem Museum Die Mikwe Durchgang und Gelände

The museum is named after Berend Lehmann(1661-1730) who was a Jew at court of Halberstadt. Berend Lehmann was one of the most distinguished Jews at court of this time. Above all he served at the Saxon court while residing Halberstadt.
The museum is housed in the "Gemeindemikwe" ("Community Mikwe"), the ritual bath, of the former Jewish community of Halberstadt. The history of the Jewish community of Halberstadt is presented here by this illustrative exhibition.
A particular importance is attached to the interaction between the Prussian policy of tolerance and the development of the community of Halberstadt. The Behrend Lehmann Museum is the integral part of the former Jewish quarter of Halberstadt whose structural evidence still reflects the Jewish history of several centuries up to this day.

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