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Castle Giebichenstein


Oberburg Giebichenstein Oberburg Giebichenstein - Blick vom Torturm auf das Burggelände


The first known reference to Giebichenstein Castle is found in a document of Emperor Otto the First. Nothing remains of this later so-called "Old Castle", but in the 12th century the castle lords, the Magdeburg archbishops, had a new representative structure built. According to the famous saga of Ludwig the Springer, the Thuringian landgrave was imprisoned in this castle. While the lower castle built during the 15th century has for the most part survived, the older upper castle of Giebichenstein has been a ruin since the Thirty Years' War.
The wild, romantic landscape of the Giebichenstein area and the castle complex itself has amazed and inspired romantic poets such as Ludwig Tieck, Achim von Arnim and Joseph von Eichendorff.

Following comprehensive restoration in the 1990s, the gate tower and the vaulted cellar are once again open to the public. The now-exposed fundaments offer an insight to the historical development of the castle compound.