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Mansfeld Museum at the Humboldt Castle


Mansfeld-Museum im Humboldt-Schloss Mineralienausstellung Nachbau erste deutsche Dampfmaschine Wattscher Bauart


The history of Mansfeld Land is that of a region closely linked to the tradition of copper mining, copper smelting, and the semi-finished products industry. The Mansfeld Museum, founded in the 1980s, was originally the company museum of the Mansfeid Mining Combine. The numerous original objects on display dealing with the mining and processing of copper shale are complemented by supplementary exhibition areas on mineralogy and geology, as well as large industry-relevant objects on the park-like grounds.
Particularly outstanding is the true-to-the-original and fully functional replica of the first German, James Watts-style steam engine, the original of which began operations in Hettstedt in 1785. Built one-to-one in size, the engine is an impressive testimony to the early days of industrialization.
The museum is housed in the Baroque Humboldt Castle, the name of which refers to Wilhelm von Humboldt. He met his wife Caroline von Dacheröden here, and the couple also spent the first years of their marriage on the estate. Wilhelm and Caroline von Humboldt were closely associated with the scholarly and economic life of their time. A section of the permanent exhibition is dedicated to them and their social activities, particularly that which was conducted locally.

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