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Technological Memorial of the Brickworks of Hundisburg


Das Technische Denkmal Ziegelei Hundisburg Kinder formen Ton Lorenbahn

The Technical Memorial Brickworks Hundisburg originally was a brickworks founded in 1882. A complete and efficient plant can be visited. Its machinery is equivalent to the stage of development in 1903. It consists of as team engine, transmission and a coal burning Zig-Zag-Kiln where it is still burnt periodically.
Brickworks Hundisburg offers an inside into the production of a brick from clay pit to baking. The production of bricks by hand is worth seeing. This very old traditional craftsmanship is still used to produce special bricks which are needed for the protection of buildings and monuments. In the earthenware pottery the visitors have the chance of forming and doing pottery.