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Museum of Natural History and Prehistory


Mammut Urnengrab Mineralien rekonstruiertes Rentierjägerzelt Großdiorama: Dachs

The museum can be found in the former Leopold-Dank-Stift (a religious institution) built in 1750. The impressive tower (40m high) was created on the model of the hospital St. Spiritio near Rome. While climbing the six floors of the tower visitors make a tour through the geology. The exhibition “Treasures from the underground” shows the development of the landscape in the course of million years. Reconstructions of deserted animals like primeval reptiles, mammoth, cave bear and a former species of a rhinoceros. The reindeer hunter’s tent arouses enthusiasm of the younger visitors. The meadow land’s animal world and fauna of the "Biosphere Reserve Countryside by the river Elbe” and the well-known gardens Dessau-Wörlitz belonging to it is introduced by a big diorama close to nature. Another part shows Dessau’s settlement from the turn of the era to the Middle Ages.

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