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The Saxony-Anhalt Museum Association

Alte Apotheke Gardelegen
old pharmacy

The museum is located a former pharmacy, the Alten Löwen-Apotheke, in a Renaissance building from 1685. The surviving historic pharmacy facilities are part of the museum, which also houses an exhibit honoring well-k ... more

Kreismuseum Jerichower Land Genthin
District Local History Museum

The museum concentrates on the region of the Jerichower Land, a countryside rich in traditions situated between the rivers Elbe and Havel on the one hand and the area of the Fleming on the other hand. It is described the ... more

Luftbild Ferropolis Gräfenhainichen
Ferropolis – The City of Iron

FERROPOLIS, the "City of Iron", is a strikingly unusual event and excursion destination located on the grounds of the former Golpa-Nord strip-mining operations.
Five huge, preserved excavators and spreaders now com ... more

Außenansicht von Westen Großjena

The Klinger house is the only authentic dwelling of the etcher, sculptor and painter Max Klinger (1857-1920) that exists in a good condition until today. Max Klinger created numerous drawings, paintings and an amazing nu ... more

Museum Synagoge Gröbzig Gröbzig
Museum Synagogue Gröbzig

This museum is a unique complex of buildings consisting of a synagogue, parish hall, school and cemetery. It is an authentic evidence of the former Jewish parish Gröbzig. The historical complex of buildings, especia ... more