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Kreismuseum Jerichower Land ur- und frühgeschichtliche Besiedlung Weberhandwerk Blick in eine Küche

The museum concentrates on the region of the Jerichower Land, a countryside rich in traditions situated between the rivers Elbe and Havel on the one hand and the area of the Fleming on the other hand. It is described the development since the Ice Age, prehistoric and early-historical settlement, medieval colonisation, economic development and People’s culture up to the 20th century. It contains exhibitions to the historical role of the ostelbische small aristocracy of the region, about ameliorations and channel building under Friedrich II. and the Jerichow traditional costume. The history of brickworks and traditional weaving craft are shown. The staff of the museum is pedagogically prepared to deal with groups of children.
Next to the museum there is a free space where an early-historical rune stone, an eight meters long dugout canoe and old post milestones can be seen.

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