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Museum of History of Civilisation Cloister Hadmersleben


Klosteranlage Gothischer Kreuzgang Barockschrank

The visitor of the almost preserved cloister finds interesting traditions of the constructional interior design of the inner rooms from the following centuries, e.g. Renaissance and Baroque stucco ceilings. There is a room with a classicist panorama wallpaper in multicolour print from 1827/1828 that shows the fight for freedom of the Greek against the Turkish. The cloister reminds the visitor of Johann Joachim Winkelmann who worked as a private tutor on Hadmersleben Castle between 1742 and 1743. A small exhibition has been dedicated Ferdinand Heine, the Nestor of the German cultivation of corn and sugar beet who bought the monastic estate in 1885 and lived here up to 1920. An art exhibition opened in 1989 mirrors the highlights of the thousand-year history of the cloister.