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Nebra Ark Visitor Center


Das Besucherzentrum Arche Nebra ist äußerlich der goldenen Sonnenbarke am unteren Rand der Himmelsscheibe von Nebra nachempfunden. Im Himmelsauge spiegelt sich am Fundort der Scheibe der Himmel (Foto: A. Stedtler) Der Aussichtsturm am Fundort der Himmelsscheibe sieht aus wie der Zeiger einer überdimensionalen Sonnenuhr. (Foto: J. Lipták) Blick in die Dauerpräsentation. (Foto: A. Stedtler)

In 1999, two "treasure hunters" discovered the Nebra Sky Disc on the Mittelberg, a hill located close to Wangen (now a part of Nebra). Wrought over 3,600 years ago, it is the oldest concrete representation of the cosmos in the world. In 2007, an astronomical observatory for the general public opened at the discovery site. The corresponding Nebra Ark Visitor Center is located at the foot of the Mittelberg and houses an innovative presentation, with planetarium, detailing the exceptional archeological find: wide-ranging trade relations, amazing technical skills, and fascinating astronomical knowledge testify to the sophistication of the cultures of the Bronze Age. The Sky Disc already enabled the determination of seasonal dates and the combination of the solar calendar with the lunar.

The Nebra Ark Visitor Center is not a "museum for the Sky Disc" – the actual disc is on display at the State Museum of Prehistory in Halle (Saale). "The Sky Disc Experience" is the slogan of the interactive information and discovery center, where the experience offered transcends the simple communication of information. The broad in-house program of events spans from traditional lectures and educational museum presentations to well-attended events like the Himmelswegelauf [Sky Paths Route], concerts, and so much more. The museum task of mediating knowledge, however, is taken just as seriously: in addition to the permanent exhibition on the history of the Sky Disk and the planetarium presentation on its astronomical implications, the Nebra Ark Visitor Center regularly hosts special presentations and exhibitions dealing with a range of archaeological and astronomical topics.