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Langobards Workshop of Zethlingen


Webhaus und Brunnenrekonstruktion auf dem Werkstattgelände Führung am Rennofen Drechselarbeiten im Werkstattbereich Eine Schulklasse wird eingewiesen Archäologische Ausgrabungen bei einem Studentenpraktikum auf dem Werkstattgelände

In the Langobard´s Workshop of Zethlingen parts of the everyday life of the Teutons, who had settled down in the Old Marches from the 2nd century up to the 4th century, have been reconstructed carefully and are exhibited here.
On several days of the year ("Aktionstage") bread is made, ceramics is formed and fired, textiles are presented and much more besides is shown and done on these grounds. Visitors are invited to take part in it actively.
The workshop of history orientates towards the results of the archaeological research. At the same time visitors can see the results of archaeological experiments. Among other things exhibitors have been trying, over years, to make the historical processes of iron smelting understandable. Especially school classes are being kept occupied with this history by the actively and vividly organized activities in the Langobards´ workshop. Throughout the opening season individual vistors are allowed to have a look at the exhibition grounds on Sundays.