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The cultural centre of the town of Wolmirstedt is formed by the town museum, the Bürgerhaus (community centre), the Stadtbibliothek (town library), the Schlosskapelle (castle chapel), the Katharinensaal (Katharine Hall) and the Museumsscheune (museum barn), the last of which has been refurbished for holding events.
The Wolmirstedt Museum, which focuses on regional history, houses four permanent exhibitions on the following topics:

The History of the Town of Wolmirstedt
This exhibition traces the development of the town, from its first mention in writing up to the industrialisation.

The Ohre Lowlands and the Restauwald Forest – The Küchenhorn Region
This exhibition deals with the flora and fauna of the surrounding protected landscape conservation area.

Geology and the Use of Natural Resources in the Börde District from Its Beginnings until Today

The History of the Wolmirstedt Castle Grounds

Historic Workshops
A blacksmith, wheelwright and saddlery, which document these urban trade and skills, are part of the museum's educational activities.

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