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Ströbeck Chess Museum


Geschenkschachbrett des Großen Kurfürsten von 1651 Eskimoschach Lebendschachkostüme Museumshof

In the 11th century, a prisoner brought back from a military expedition was incarcerated by the Bishop of Halbstadt in the "Wahrturm", the defense tower of Ströbeck. The local farmers guarding the chess-playing duke soon learned the royal game from him. The citizens of Ströbeck treasured their chess-playing skills, which they handed down generation to generation all the way up until today. The Ströbeck Chess Museum documents this centuries-old chess tradition with living chess games and chess courses in school, and presents the town's unusual historical relationships with dukes and kings as well as the traditional Ströbeck chess rules with the unique starting position and the "Ströbecker Freudensprüngen" (Ströbeck Jumps for Joy). The museum also shows the multifaceted world of chess as seen in the arts: changing special exhibitions cast new light on the topic of chess and the history of the game in Ströbeck. An open-air game of chess can be played in the inner court, while old films of Ströbeck can be viewed in the media room. The unique history of this village will delight more than just chess players.

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